Do you know the status on this well?  You are very informative and enjoy reading your info to others on questions.  Thank you

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Fred, I'm not sure who you directed to post to but I can tell you Chesapeake is not reporting gas production from the Frazier well and no completion report has been filed.  My assumption is that it has not been completed (frac'd) at this time.
You are the one I wanted to answer that question.  It has been frac and pipeline is being put in the ground as we chat.   Didn't know if there was any other info on the well.   Thank you
Since they are still working on pipeline it will likely be November, at the earliest, before we will have any production data from the well (two month lag).  Hopefully, Chesapeake will turn in an IP on it before then.
In your opinion, do you think any of the interest south of the Frazier will be picked up now that Devon has pulled out and leases are up?
I think the results from Frazier and Horton will both have some bearing on what happens next.  With gas below $4 there is not much incentive to step further south now but with a better market I think it is reasonable to think someone will... eventually.


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