Here is the analyst's Q&A from part of the recent cxpo call:

Eric B. Anderson- Hartford Financial Management, Inc.

Okay. Can I just sneak in one last one. I know you've talked about in prior quarters that you're monitoring the James Lime activity up in San Augustine. I just wondered if you could discuss sort of how these wells are sort of -- how they're producing 6 to 9 months into being brought online?

Allan D. Keel

Yes. There's -- Eric, there's not a lot of data available yet but based on the initial rates, the performance continues to -- looks like it continues to improve. We've done a little bit of work on that based on the data that we do have and there is a very strong progression showing an improvement in performance. And obviously, it's a newer play there in terms of the liquid -- on the liquid side because historically, that's been a dry gas producer or reservoir up in that area. But I think we're monitoring that. We think Devon is doing a great job up there and they continue to improve on their performance, and we're very excited about what the opportunity is there for us. And we've got to find a way to get up there and get active and just improve on our position.

Eric B. Anderson- Hartford Financial Management, Inc.

So economics so far are not as attractive as what you can find in the Woodbine or possibly the Georgetown in your Madison County area?

Allan D. Keel

Well, I would say up until the more recent results that might be true but given the recent results that we've seen and that have been announced, I would say that James Lime is -- the economics is such that are becoming more attractive. I mean, there is -- if they need to figure out or we need to figure out a processing solution up there across all the outlets up there are for dry gas. So I'm sure that not only us but Devon as well, we're trying to figure out exactly what that outtake solution might be. But in terms of the -- I think the economics of that play are continuing to improve. And as more drilling occurs and we learn more and more data is available, we feel like that could be just another growth area for Crimson.

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Good post.  Thanks  I think this means that because of the data they collect, the cost are can come down. 


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