I feel like a broken record, but I am going to ask anyway.  What is happening in Sabine? is anyone getting lease offers? if so who from? When will we know the results from the Bengal well? I do not live around there but I remember that awhile back maybe a year ago people said companies had set up offices in Sabine, are they still there?  and has anyone been released yet or anything like that?  sorry for all the questions. My curiosity is getting the best of me :)

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Good Questons! Anyone know? Seems like they are waiting for gas prices to rise.

Havent heard anything, but was curious, what are they building on 103 west of 96. They have a concrete pad and other stuff built, anyone know.  Looks like a pumping station or something.

That is a disposal well, Joe.

I was told by a company rep. that they didn't pay a renewal on approx. 1,000 acres.  HMMM - don't know the terms of the renewal & I don't know if they even tried to re-negotiate the renewal.  CHK & SWN are still drilling some up in the MOST Northern part, but otherwise, I think things are pretty quiet.  THE BENGAL WELL IS CRITICAL!!

I agree that the Bengal well is critical to mineral owners.  They (operators) must think they can come back and pick up new leases later... and probably for less money.   There sure doesn't appear to be any hurry at the moment.
Crimson Exploration Inc. Provides Operational Update, Announces Significant 2010 Reserve Additions, Reserve Replacement of 634% and Establishes 2011 Capital Budget

HOUSTON, Mar 02, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

East Texas Mid-Bossier/Haynesville

In our Tiger Prospect Area in Sabine County, TX, the Bengal #1 (37.5% WI) was drilled to a total measured depth of 18,100 feet, including a 4,400 foot lateral in the Mid-Bossier shale. The well was completed with a 14 stage frac and flowback operations are underway. This is Crimson's first operated well in the Tiger Prospect Area.


jffree1, I hope you don't mind me jumping in here again to add the Crimson Tiger prospect map.
You know I don't, LOL!  I'll just be glad when they announce this well.  It shouldn't be too long now.
Where is this well exactly, I havent followed the location close enough.?
It's in the J. Craughan Survey, A-80... south side of 21 about a mile and a half from the San Augustine line.

jffree1:  Can you give me the link where xto bought leases from encana in south San Augustine or north Sabine counties?  Thanks

Ken, that would be news to me.  I have not heard that XTO had acquired any EnCana leases in South San Augustine.  EnCana has assigned leases to several units operated by other companies, XTO included, but I don't know anything outside of that.  The unit assignments are available by searching the county records, which you can do online, through CountyRecords.com.


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