There's a new drilling rig (natural gas?) 1/2 mile from me on Oak Hill Rd.. Anyone have info on it?

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Thanks for the clarification, Mark.  Roxanna Acadia has only your four wells, 2 completions, listed under that name so not much to go on regarding the company.  Brammer is a capable contract operator and drills a lot of horizontal wells for a number of operating companies.  Your well cost looks reasonable and early results look pretty good. I am a little surprised at the API gravity for that TVD. Yes, if you want a drilling commitment it is a good idea not to be too "greedy" on lease terms.  Anything you would care to share regarding Olympia I'm sure would be found of interest by the members in your AOI.  Olympia was part of a number of discussions in the early days of the Haynesville Play on the southern end of the fairway.  Some background on that would likely draw the interest of mineral owners in Sabine Parish.  Good to hear from you.  Don't be a stranger.

Saw those reports.  Was hoping you might know something regarding stimulation.  S/N 251139 appears to have paid out in about twelve months.

no stimulation.  open hole  natural flowing wells


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