Can anyone tell me were to obtain lease holder / land ownership maps of Sabine parish?

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I would like to know also, if there is a map like that for Sabine Parish.

How much are you willing to pay?  Mineral ownership in map format can be had for around  $600 and up for a full parish or ,more often, a part of a parish.  And $1500 for lease data for all of NW. LA. but it  may only be up to date for 2010.  If you are interested in surface ownership which can obviously be different from mineral ownership, you can get a plat book.  Here again the question is, how current is the information. The simple and most cost effective way to research O&G leases is to get a subscription to your clerk of court's online public records.

Please advise who I need to contact to obtain mineral ownership maps. The cost is not so much of an issue. I just need the maps.


Thanks for the reply. The cost is not so much an issue and needing the map(s). Please tell me who to contact.


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