These are 320 acre drilling and production units in Sections 29 & 32 - 9N - 13W and Section 36 - 9N - 14W.

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Anyone have knowledge of the lease amounts for this area?

We have 80 acres in Sec 31 T9 12 w lease just ran out with Cheasapeak. Does anyone know of any activity in this area we are still not unitized? Any insight would be helpful. Thx

SWEPI completed the following well for your section in December of 2011.  You should check with them.  Your Chesapeake lease is held by production from this well and you should receive royalty based on your proportional share of unit production under the terms of your lease.  Moritz Etal is a very good well.  It has produced over 3.4 billion cubic feet of gas through October 2012.















COMPLETED 12-30-11; GAS; HAYNESVILLE RA; 23,070 MCFD; 24/64 CHOKE; 240 BWD; FP THRU CSG; 9150# CP; PERFS 13,009-17,596' MD

New Samson permit on SONRIS this morning for Fredricksburg well. If I read it correctly, drilling from S1 T8N R14W into S36 T9N R14W. TVD 3200, MD 8890. This should be interesting.

Question - If the depth this company is unitizing is already included in a lease to another company, how would this work? 

If Samon Contour applies for and receives a unit authorization from the state, it can Force Pool all mineral interests within the unit boundaries.  Companies holding leases within the unit become Working Interests in Samson's wells and must pay their proportional share of drilling and production costs are be assessed a 500% percent penalty.  Meaning they get no production from the well until the operator has recouped 5 times the cost of the well.  Any company can contest the application.

It might help to read the unit orders previously approved (see item 2) and look at the plat.

Any guess on how long it would take to recoup 500%?

On the majority of wells, a long time.

My aunt has 40 acres in the unit with the permit. It is HBP from a 1960's lease. Assuming the well is successful, will she get the royalty provided in that lease immediately, or only after the 500% is reached? (I do not know if the leaseholder subleased to Samson, but suspect they may have done so.).

The Risk Penalty does not apply to owners of mineral rights.  Only to companies that hold leases.  Your aunt should receive her proportional share of unit production based on the royalty in her existing lease when the well is completed and a Division Order has been prepared.  Samson may have assigned their rights to Eagle for a bonus and an over-ride.  Few companies wish to incur the risk penalty.

Excellent! Thanks so much for the info!


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