Has there been any gas interest in south Sabine Parish near Toledo bend Dam where there are several existing gas wells? T3N,R12W

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Shaleeee, the Kites well you refer to must be the Donner Etal well S/N 238113. This well is shut in, seems to be producing large amounts of water. Think there was a discussion some time back on this well. You can go here to read SONRIS data.
Who is Sonris
SONRIS is a service of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources that provides free, Web-accessible information for oil & gas wells.
Thanks - this was very interesting - took six months from start to waiting on pipeline - and then the water problem started - by shut in does that mean the well will be abandoned? Could the close proximity to the lake be the problem? Could you tell from the info on sonrise if it was a good well before the water problem? The fact that it was flared and tested must have meant it was a gas well??? Very interesting!!!!
I'm three miles south of Toledo Town I have two old wells abandoned but were producing oil years ago. Now I hear their stopping at HYW. 6. can anyone shed light on this?

Anything new with T3N,R12W

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