Aethon Energy-Production Sharing Agreements and Longer Wells

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Our attorney appears to have been the subject of an alien abduction (hopefully nothing bad has happened).

So, ...... does anybody feel comfortable making a referral for an attorney to review the Production Sharing Agreement.

I will post my email if you don't want to make the referral public.


Phillip, my O&G attorneys are Davidson Summers APLC in Shreveport, LA. Lake Hearne handles most of the Texas clients and should be well versed in PSAs. You may reach him at 318-424-4342 or Let him know that I referred you.

OK, thanks so much!

Good night!

This week I received a PSA for the Walters Unit from Covey Park. Sharing is based on the percentage of the lateral in each unit. Since longer laterals are the most economical drilling approach now  I expect there will be many PSAs for the older wells in San Augustine County.

Long laterals are the new normal so your expectations will likely be met.


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