Is anyone else getting lease offers from Aethon in San Augustine Co.? I just received an offer in the E. Quirk Survey and was curious as to current going rates? 

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Reasons for mineral buyers ramping up in SA as well as other Haynesville Counties can be easily seen in the attached PDF listing of the 228 historical HV wells in SA county.

Since first HV well in May 2009, over 1.25 TCF of gas produced. 

Present production approximately 567 MMCF per day.

Check some of the various data points points on this ENVERUS sourced PDF - production rates over 20 MMCF per day and cum production in the high teens BCF (and more).

This is just up to date production - not EUR projections. Some of these 20 BCF cum wells are still making over 7 MMCF of gas per day.

Biggest issue in my opinion as to ham stringing production here is pipeline capacity.


Rock Man -


The PDF you provided actually is the best consolidated list of San Augustine County that I have seen to date... you have all 17 of our wells regardless of Operator are listed on one document in an easy to read and comprehend list. I thank you greatly!!!!

I wish the TRRC listed them per County... trying to locate, read and decipher on their Website... I have spent hours making Excel Spreadsheets for Family members to look at that say most of what your PDF said, Where did you find it? 

That info on ENVERUS / Drilling Info.

Subscription site 

Thanks for the kind words!

I copied it, changed format and added color highlighting to all of our Wells... sent to Family members last night and am getting compliments on it already.... I gave you the credit for it. 

Does ENVERUS have similar broken out for every County.... Shelby... Nacogdoches... Rusk... Panola??? 

Might be worth Subscribing to just to save time and headaches! 

Thanks again! 

ENVERUS has a search menu that allows one to pull up wells by various criteria as you can see on what I posted.

Lease names, operator, formation, first production, depth of production, county, abstract, et.

ENVERUS (previously DrillingInfo) used to be a pretty reasonable subscription service that would even tailor specific subscriptions for small areas (e.g. 3-4 counties) at reasonable prices.

But no more.

Their growth and acquisition of other companies has caused their basic services (like what I used to put together the SA County HV report) to get very expensive. In excess of $2500 per year and increasing quickly on a yearly basis.

ENVERUS gets all their info from Tx RRC (and other state commissions) but they do a much better job of allowing one to access data and "sort" it.


Maybe I won't subscribe... I miss my old subscription to the Timpson Times... used to have free up to date Stories and Information at a decent price. Now too many are going the same way as the ENVERUS... only the Rich will be able to have alternate sources of information other than the Lamestream Media.... sad! Afraid our World is changing for the worse in many ways, used to be I could call one of our Landmen or one of the County Clerks and get all of the data I needed for free, even with most providing details of even their Competitors, now everyone is asking for money or holding their cards close to their vest and not sharing it! 

Again, I  thank you for all of your help and input! 

Very interesting and nice to see how technology and understanding the formations have resulted in much bigger wells in the area based of the SS numbers. 

Enverus is used by many who are in the business.  It's a write off as a business expense.  I looked at Drillinginfo early in the Haynesville Shale play.  I think it was $1400/year then.  For those that had access to the same data sources it was a steep price to pay for what you could get for about the same price in individual subscriptions.  And it was always running behind the actual filings/postings because the play was moving so fast.  It's much more up to date now and as a stand alone data source is a pretty good buy at $2500/year.  I have advised some of my clients to share the cost with friends and neighbors who own significant mineral acres in the same general area.  The data can be quite valuable especially when compared to the Timpson Times!  :-)

ENVERUS used to do the "multiple subscribers" option but that was very expensive. They are continually moving away from dealing with "single" or "small" operators or consultants (like myself). Their focus now is to work with the big companies and replace historical competition like IHS as the "go to" company.

Suggest you try this contact at ENVERUS to see what they may be willing to do. But don't be surprised is you can't get a hold of him - their staff rotates a lot.

Shane Ellison

Account Executive


O 512-519-5545  /  C 903-752-1180

E |


Support desk:  888-290-7697

So... I was speaking to another Landman and he mentioned that the interest could be because Quirk and other properties through that area could lie within the 'Shelby Trough',,, which is discussed in another thread on our San Augustine Groups... thinking some of these 'buyers' are handicapping off the board with this area. 

Bill, Julie would be the one to weigh in on location.  If you can link to the San Augustine Group discussion, please do so.  I'm not sure I know what handicapping off the board means.

Handicapping off the board is an old gambling term....

Basically means they are they are allowed to take any bet off the board when they feel the need based on inside information that they are manipulating according to their needs, while not taking bets directly, but as side bets. Guess it is a nice way to say they are participating in inside trading. 


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