Does anyone know what's going up on FM 1196 at the Banana Slug and Thundering Herd units?  It looks like everything just pulled out!!!  Any info is appreciated.

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They could have just completed the Banana Slugs  #B 1. That well is on the same pad with Thundering Herd DU #1H & #1HB and Banana Slugs DU #1H. Is that the pad you are talking about? It's on the left side of 1196 (heading north) opposite a long driveway.

The rig moved out in July. It is on the Coyotes Unit now (north by the county line & west of 96) with a spud date of July 24.

Yes, jffree1, Thanks  that's the one I am talking about.  We noticed that it appears that the tank  batteries, separators, and basically all the equipment has been removed and the flanges have been capped on the feed to the pipeline.  What do you think the reason for it being capped?  Any info is appreciated

Interesting. Has there been a tank battery there always? Why is that needed on a dry gas well? I find that confusing but, then, I have no technical expertise on this topic, either. Maybe someone else will enlighten me.

The two "Herd" wells have production reported as Thundering Herd (SL) DU #1SL, lease ID #264547. They are in their 7th year and are declining fairly rapidly now. On the June report (last available) they produced 43,895 mcf. If they plugged those wells it will show up in the production reports in the next month or two.

Keep an eye on it and see if anything else changes. Are the well signs still up at the entrance?

Yes there has always been a tank battery there.  There are still the 3 signs at the entrance.  If anyone else has any info please keep us updated and we will do the same.

Just a guess, but things might be buttoned up like that to allow enough space for the fracking equipment.  Event though its dry gas, the produced water recovered after flowback needs somewhere to go, hence the tank batteries.  

dbob, I think you'd have to have one heck of a battery to flow back frac water.  It usually goes in a temporary pit/pond.  May be a moot point since the tanks have been removed along with the separator.  I can't think of a reason for removing all that equipment off the top of my head.  At least not a good one.

Skip   - for clarity, I was indicating after primary flowback was complete and the well was on sales.  

Understood.  Do the Haynesville wells in that area have much "produced" water?  Over here they are dry as a bone.  The separator barrel is the only vessel regularly found on a pad.

Anywhere from 50 to a couple of hundred bbl of water per day, slowly declining over time.  Doesn't seem to be consistent between wells, from what I've seen.  

Is that still "flow back", or is it "produced" water naturally occurring in the formation?

Update: there was -0- production reported from Thundering Herd (SL) DU #1SL, lease ID #264547 in July. The wells are still on the proration schedule but have status as 14B Denied. When I look at the lease detail in the permit query there is a note which says (Inactive Well tab) Inactive Well Extension Violation Details: Surface Equipment Violation. On the GIS Map (API 40530432) it says Not Eligible for Allowable.

Someone who knows the rules will have to explain what is going on with the 14B (extension) Denied. I suspect that it has something to do with that tank battery which was removed from the pad. This is not the only well or set of stacked laterals which has this status on the proration schedule for XTO Haynesville wells.

Thanks for the info.  If anyone has any info on what that means please share.  Will the well be back in production?  Is it shut in?  Abandoned?  


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