jffree1- Do you know where this area is in San Augustine County? This is the area mentioned in Blackstone 1st quarter reports that an agreement has been reached with Aethon to develop wells in San Augustine, similar to agreement in Angelina last year. Thanks. FWIW, there is a Brent Miller Gas unit in Nacogdoches County near Chireno.

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Ken, can you post the portion of the Black Stone 1st quarter report that mentions Brent Miller?  I didn't see it the article I posted to the Main Page.

Scroll down to activity updates under San Augustine. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/black-stone-minerals-l-p-071800713.html

Could this be a major screw up by Blackstone - should be Nacogdoches Co instead of San Augustin?

It could be but maybe not. You have to go way back into Encana quartly reports shortly after when Brent Miller, a long time employee (geologist), passed away. They named this area in honor of him and I think it was in 2010 they started talking about this. I'm pretty sure that one of their reports included a map and they were talking about the area below highway 21 in both counties and even, I believe, extended the Bossier into Sabine County. They and EOG later proved the east boundary was not that far east down at Hwy 103, but that's another story. It was the plan for the southern step-out of their HA acreage which included thousands of Black Stone tracts. Their drilling, until they came out with "Brent Miller", had been confined to the NW corner of SA Co above Hwy 21 and just south of Chireno in Nac. Co., until they drilled in the A. Spears Survey, A-43, and made a really big IP well. They also stepped out in Nac about the same time or shortly after the A-43 well with their Gomez wells. It could have been the year after the A-43 well that they drilled the Gomez A1H. Going off of memory here so forgive me if the timeline is not perfect. It was a decade ago. 

I'd say you memory is pretty damn good, Julie.  Thanks for the detail.  Interesting.

I saw Aethon listed on the map in SA from RRC site while looking up the Keydets/A 47 new allocation unit.  I was surprised to see Aethon there.  I am not sure if this is what your talking about.  There is even some encroachment notification/ no perf or something in the communications regarding the H4/  XTO getting close to Aethon. ( atleast that is what I got from it)  I will try to post pic..   Blackstone, XTO, Aethon all showing here  In addition if you look at the list of all the new /recent permitsfrom RRC, Aethon is like holding the majority of new applications /permits for SA.   I usually select County San Augustine while surfing the RRC online drilling permits.http://webapps2.rrc.texas.gov/EWA/drillingPermitsQueryAction.do



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