I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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IEA predicts the US NG demand growth next year will be an additional ~4BCF a day.  The new gas pipelines out of W TX will bring ~4BCF/D of associated gas into the market next year.  Not a good scenario for price growth,

Skip, I am thinking the W Tx pipelines will be more that 4 BCF/D when all completed considering that the one line that I mentioned is bringing in 2+ BCF per day.

IEA may not be including all these lines that are under construction and/or in planning stage.

If memory serves 2 new pipelines will come on line by the end of the year and 2 more in the first half of 2020.  The first 2 have combined capacity of 4BCF/D.

Did some digging, map from mid 2018 in Houston Chronicle attached as a JPEG file.

  • Kinder Morgan Permian Highway 2 BCF per day (not on attached map) 
  • Tellurian Permian 2 BCF per day
  • N Americo Pecos Trail 2 BCF per day
  • Boardwalk Sempra 1.5 to 2 BCF per day
  • Kinder Morgan Gulf Coast Express 1.92 BCF per day

If all these come on as planned, new gas flow capacity from the Permian Basin will be over 9.5 BCF per day.

And open up more areas in Delaware Basin (e.g. Alpine High / Apache) for additional drilling that has been slowed down by lack of gas take away capability.


It's official, I definitely need to get a CNG vehicle!

Thanks, Rock Man.  Go for it, Mister Sunday.

I've seen a slightly different amount in terms of capacity coming out of Permian - some of the gas may find a home in Mexico and not make it to the Gulf Coast.  IMHO very important.  The second thing to keep in mind is that Appalachia gas and NGLs are also being routed toward the Gulf Coast.  So the thing that is most critical (IMHO) is how quickly export capacity can come online.  If export can roughly keep pace with what is coming in from Permian and Appalachia, we have a chance.    

Some very good points. Sort of like playing Vulcan multi dimensional chess to try to figure out the options 

Any thing positive is welcome with open arms!  I already purchased a vehicle that is not CNG, perhaps my next one will be...:P       pretty sure I won't be going for a Tesla or a flying taxi!!!


I am sure it was user error too blame for the driver who fell asleep in the other auto piloted car...  I believe that was also a Tesla...


       just say-in' not me!!!!   I will drive my self until I can not........then I order in! 

If it's Auto-piloted, why should it matter if you go to sleep?

Almost 518MMcf reported for August.

So I got a stupid offer for my minerals here recently.  They offered to buy them for around $60,000,  but the ownership was to change at midnight January first of 2019 and I would be responsible for paying them all the royalties I received since then.



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