Just wondering what is being offered in SA as of the first week of December? I have confirmed offer of $5000.00 w/22.5% around the Goodwin school.

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Who is leasing down 705? I have a cousin with some unleased acrage on 705, not far south of 103.
The talk I heard is that Devon is working on a unit in that area. From one of the neighbors who leased to Devon last year.
Everybody please take your time about leasing there is going to be bigger bonus money coming . I know that there is alot people that need the money right now but dont sign up that cheap. I know and i was told the bonus money in the next 2 years could go as high as 20k to 50 k and acre and this is really true . So everybody sit tight if you can and if you don't you will lose a lot of money in the coming years
Just a question because I am curious; if bonus money gets to be say 20k+/acre then what would the mineral rights be worth to sell outright? A Lot more? About the same?
How can one even began to calculate the value of the mineral rights, in a purchase. The units can go as high as 6-8 wells in a unit. Correct? You would have to consider gas and oil. It should be astronomical.
That was kind of what I was getting at. It seems that it would be a very difficult valuation process to say the least.
I've put that question to a local realtor and his response was funny. He just rubbed the side of his head like he had a headache and shrugged and looked pained and said he had no idea but that he was hearing that question a lot. I felt sorry for him, LOL.
5-7k is reasonable for now, could it be worth more next year...very possible, could this shakey economy bottom out again, uh, maybe. It is human nature to always consider the best case secenario. Sometimes we gamble and lose like some of us did last year. Everybody has to butt with their own head.
It would be very dangerous to take any advice from this Cheerleader fellow as he does not know what he is talking about.
There is a deep seated feature located in San Augustine county that could pinch out the Haynesville. If I were in this area I would be very carefull not to pass up too many offers. This feature is very visable on seismic and real. I am all for folks getting a good royalty and bonus, but have seen many sob stories. Many offers go away as quick as they come. Some on here do not need the money and that is great, but I have seen others that did.

Just Saying
Just Saying,
What do you know that so many OG companies apparently donot know or recognize given the lease frenzy happening now in San Augustine?? We would all like to know what the "deep seated feature" is and it's location[s]??
Thanks for your imput. I have been waiting to hear about seismic testing in SA. Please don't tell me the "deep seated feature" is under the new EnCana well. I won't be able to say "I told you so" to j in several months.

Never said that I knew anything that the other companies did not know. I hope that this feature does not effect the mineral owners in the area, but it could. This feature has always been there and is not a result of any new testing. The new EnCana well should not be effected. It will be interesting to watch the development unfold throughout the county. Have not been here long, so if you have an interest in the Encana well I wish you luck. We are in 35 wells in Nac Shelby and San Augustine counties so I hope the drill bits keep turning to the right. I will be limited to what I can post on this site but will contribute what I can.


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