I noticed that all of BPs shale wells in San Augustine Co., Angelina County, etc... (as of March production) are listed with a company called "Blackbeard" as the new operator.  Does anybody know why?

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Where did you see that, GR? On RRC... March production is reported under BP's op. number. I don't see any change in operator yet on W-1 pages, either, but that could be lagging with everything that's going on with #coronavirus. 

Please see the attachment (I'm hoping I'm doing it right).  I've added some comments.  After BP spent all that money to buy BHP out, it would look like a complete about-face if they truly did sell.  I had a deal all worked out w/ BP last year, only to be left at the alter, due to 'budget cuts' in the play.  Since then, the amount of their permits dwindled and dwindled.  As a matter of fact, there's been only one permit since July of 2019...


Blackbeard is a registered operator with the Louisiana Office of Conservation but has no operated wells listed at this time.

Organization ID Organization Name

There is a blob map under "About" on their website that shows assets in both states.


That's interesting. I don't use that query unless I want to get a cumulative production figure for a particular well. When I do that I always have to take the figure given on that search and add the latest month to the total using this query: Production By Lease, which you will see has a figure for March while that Specific Lease Query does not.

Here you can see that production was reported under BP's number in March. I did look at a well over in Angelina County to see if "Blackbeard" appears on that well, using that "Specific Lease Query", and it does so this is not a keying error on a single well. BP will have to make some sort of announcement eventually, if they did sell. 

Kicking in my two cents on this - just looked on Drillnig Info/Enverus site - Blackbeard Operating has almost 6500 active wells in Texas as of Feb 2020 with bulk in Permian Basin and Tx Panhandle. Nothing showing up E Tx area but may be too early for that.

Also looked in Oklahoma (no wells listed) and Louisiana (only two old wells in Claiborne parish)..

Almost 80 Blackbeard People on Linked In site. Found CFO and a couple of VP's but no CEO or President. Was hoping to see that background for possible link to BP / Amoco. Looks like a younger overall staff and management group.

I'm going to their field office soon - otherwise, just wait & google - - - 


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