I heard EOG is building a pad on FM3279 just South of 103.  Glad to have anothe O&G company in that area.

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So what do you think jffree1 will O&G companies stay away from this area because of 1 bad well? 


It looks like they have another strange completion report in Nacogdoches County.  I wonder what the story is?  With two such completion reports it looks to be purposeful and I wouldn't think any harm would be done to the area's prospects long term.


JWC, I think that well is possibly an anomaly because they put 2/3 of the lateral behind a bridge plug and only did a four stage frac.  I was told they could (possibly) add more stages later. Unfortunately, we will just have to wait and see if anything else transpires...

AL, I didn't look at your link but I think you are referring to Lauren Alston 2H.  That well has had problems for some time... they completed it back in April (no IP) and turned in the well record with a note that it had flowed for 9 days and died.  It looks like they re-worked it in August and got a test on it but the results were not good.  

Thanks ALongview and jffree1...got to wonder what they are thinking....maybe they are trying to hide something..


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