Just got email notice of May 29,2018 royalty payment.

Exco is paying only half our royalty interest ??

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Is part of your position HBP via drilling during first lease term? Or does lease extension stipulate that they did not have to renew all your leases?
Been getting royalty payments since 2012.

Exco with no notice cut royalty interest by 1/2 for May 2018, that cut payment 50 percent?

Did you reply to the email seeking an explanation?  Or, called owner relations?

Yes called 10:45 today & 3:30 left two numbers & email.Have not returned call.
It is odd but no way an accident, they cut the 8 place decimal in 1/2 on 5 leases.

Over the years i have found errors before,but how can this be a simple error?

Thanks, Kelly

I received notice of the same, however I have received Tax documents from both BP & Shell stating that they have purchased 50% of EXCO percentage of our wells and will be paying our royalties based on those holdings. Also had a Landman contact me in regard to someone picking up some of our EXCO, Devon and Cabot Leases that are still outstanding. Figure with the Bankruptcies and tightened belts, this will become the norm for awhile now. Question is, has anyone else been contacted about the same thing?

Shell owns a half interest in all EXCO's Haynesville Shale leases.  Although Shell sold all their operated Haynesville acreage in 2014, they later acquired BG (British Gas).  BG owned a half interest in EXCO leases.

Received additional Division Orders from Shell yesterday for more of our wells, states that EXCO will continue to pay 1/2 of the Royalties and they will pay the other half. Also hearing from multiple Landmen about additional leases of our properties... nice to see some activity in the Plays again. 

Would you mind saying which well?

Exco returned call early Friday, Shell is mailing payment of other 50 percent today with a letter explaining new deal.

Shell's 1/2 is a little less than Exco's 1/2, maybe that's why Shells not broke.  I'm just happy someone is still paying me for my gas.

Shell’s transportation, gathering, etc. charges are approacing 50% of the gross amount of the gas revenue, and much greater than Exco’s. I think I smell a rat here.

How many cents per mcf for gathering and treating, Richard?  How do those charges compare with your EXCO royalty statement?



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