Major move to the south in San Augustine Co., this well is 12.1 miles southwest of San Augustine in the A. Spear, Abstract 43. Woohoo!! all you south county people!

Status # 687761
OP # 251691 - ENCANA OIL & GAS(USA) INC.
Pending Approval ,
Submitted: 11/23/2009 ,Filed: Online
New Drill 15000'
Field - Wildcat

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Good news. Thanks for posting jffree1.
That land is next to ours. A-36.

I hope it generates a LOT of gas like the monster. I'm definately excited!
That is great news. Thanks for the post.
Nice to see some activity moving further South for y'all in SA County as well.

Here's the W-1 link for the permit info:
Oh my bad, I put in the wrong numbers. It's not next door, but it's pretty close by about a mile or so..
I'd say that's pretty close. I don't blame you for being excited!
Congratulations southern Motherload People!!!!!!
What are the Lat/Lon coordinates of this well? I cannot open the .tiff file of the plat. Thanks.
I sometimes have problems opening those TIFF applications as well.

If you click on the "Map" button in the API# box in the W-1 permit link below, however, it should open up the TRRC public GIS maps of the area in a seperate window. You can then use the zoom out buttons to get the location for this well.

According to the TRRC map, the well will be located in the South Chireno area pretty close to the intersection of FM 1277 and FM 1196.

The map info is interesting as well, as the lateral on this one is heading in a distinct NW to SE direction, rather than the N to S of many of the others recently permitted.
Thank you!
Now, if they work there way down FM705, I will be happy.
Me too 5thGen
ok here goes- we were offered 700/ acre with a 5 year primary or 300/acre for 3 years with 1/4 royalty the first week of nov. we have been researching and now reading about all the activity in san augustine county. we are in the west section of san augustine any thoughts. the co was cabot



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