New rumor - another monster 30mmcf+ well West of city of San Augustine

I heard this from two diffferent sources.  I believe it to be West of the airport, maybe Cabot's Jacquelyn Bright Unit or Winston or King Units, or maybe Common Resources  Burrow's Unit.  It's supposed to be bigger than the Kardell well. Anybody else hear anything?

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The Burrows reported an IP of just over 20mmcf. The King sounds about right for the area you are talking about. The Winston is already selling gas from the James Lime. Bright is a James Lime also if I am not mistaken. That would be great news for the area.
From December 12th

San Augustine County

The Burrows Gas Unit Well No.1H has been completed by Common Resources L.L.C. in the Bossierville Field. The well is located 7.7 miles northwest of San Augustine with a depth of 17,374-feet. When gauged on a 27/64-inch choke, the well potentialed 21.037 million cubic feet of gas. Production is in the Bossier Shale formation.
Bright and Winston are James Lime wells. The King Unit is only about 3 miles west of the airport and a little north. That would be terrific to have another monster to the west of town.
how close is this to survey 139
jerry, The King well is 4.5 miles SW of the Cowboys well, as the crow flies and Cowboys is in the south end of A-139.
I just posted an opinion on another blog re: Jerry's negotiations for his bonus...Jerry... scratch my opinion at $10,000-$15,000 this could be another game changer for the MOTHERLOAD.
P.S. Jerry...Your stock is going up which is interesting given the market is closed today!!!
Now, don't get carried away, CL. We're talking about a RUMOR of another monster well, right now. Nothing "official" yet so just cross your fingers that it's true!
Maybe we will hear something from (JE) Oil Voice on this rumor...haha. I certainly have my fingers crossed.
JWC, JE is looking smarter all the time. Who knew?
I agree ALongview. I don't have any idea where they get their information but they have certainly been accurate with their predictions.
Here is the newest bold prediction from today.

Haynesville Shale Play At 12,000 Feet Plus

Several large independents and a major company are drilling now and have in the past in the southern part of Texas and Louisiana at depths of 12,000 feet deep or greater. The reserves should be 10 BCF/well or more at these depths where the thickness is present that is is required. The southern part of this play in Texas and Louisiana will probably produce 30-40 percent more gas than the northern part of the play at the shallower depths.There will be more 1,500 - 2,000 HP rigs needed in the near future for all of the companies to ramp up for full development for this great play.
From: Jurassic Exploration 01/31/2010
1,500 - 2,000 HP rigs needed

Hmmm, that might be just a tad over-optimistic for this year, LOL.



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