Looking through a Blackstone Minerals presentation I noticed their interest in the Shelby Trough.  If I looked correctly San Augustine in the the Core BSM Shelby Trough acreage.  Can someone explain the Shelby Trough?  

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The Shelby Trough was a "low" during deposition of section. As a result, you get thicker reservoir section as well as a more robust organic accumulation due to the lack of circulation and resultant anoxic conditions in the trough. This all adds up to a more prospective target section for drillers.

Thanks Rock Man

What’s the usual length per lateral?  

Sounds amazing ...

Lateral range will be from 5000' to 10,000' - length tied to acreage layout and possible faulting (if there is 3D to image faults).

Note that mechanically, they can go much longer - just read about 20,000' lateral in NE USA

What were you looking at on the Black Stone Minerals site? I would love to view their map of the trough in relationship to our holdings.

Bill go to the link below.  Click on the 6/12/18 presentation and look on page 10 of the presentation.  Hope this helps.


I was just going to reply that I located it.  Thank you very much for your reply... looks like our holdings lie spread throughout the trough with the vast majority of leased in the Northwest to Central sections.

This might be another reason for the call from Blackstone/XTO trying to by minerals in the Keydets unit

Would be interesting too know where Bill R is located compared to us Mr. Sunday.  It seems he got offered 18,000.00 per mineral acre and you and I are very close to each other near 1277 off  1196 and we were only offered 7,500.00.  (  A spear 43 , keydets )   

I'm actually up 1277 towards San Augustine from 1196, just before C.R. 3100.  I believe Skip was saying royalty percentages had an effect on offers for net mineral acres.  This is all above my pay grade.

If anyone is interested in selling now or the future I recommend using Energynet or an online company because the asset will be exposed to thousands of experienced bidders and it only takes 2 to really want it ..  I have experience from decades of selling properties for clients and feel each time we receive an excellent price.  these flyers I see in the mail are such low ball offers most of the time and usually are a trick and their deed lists catch all language that includes “everything the above owner owns” in the county sometimes.

anyone know if the double stacked laterals lengths?  For example - one well w 2 DSL of 10,000’ would be 20,000’ of lateral and if 2.5 bcf recoverable per 1000’ would be a super large number. 

Thank you guys, good thread

Speedracer, what was the size of the tracts you sold through Energynet?  And, did Energynet perform any research to highlight the value added features to support getting a fair market price?


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