Looking through a Blackstone Minerals presentation I noticed their interest in the Shelby Trough.  If I looked correctly San Augustine in the the Core BSM Shelby Trough acreage.  Can someone explain the Shelby Trough?  

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Interesting Bill R...  I had never heard of this before... thanks!

Chloe "Never, Ever sell your Minerals", someone gave you some bad information, if you were not receiving royalties during the $10 - $13 natural gas prices, $5000 - $10000 per acre leases, you missed it.  The only way to make money on your minerals now is to sell for the prices they are paying now.  If your over 50 my advice is to sell you will never have a better chance than now.

  What will the Blackstone farmout agreement with XTO do to the individual owners that also have leased lands with XTO.   Will this increase  royalty payments or will it drive XTO to BSM acres only... meaning less $$$ for the individuals with small amount of minerals/ acres?

Sorry this all way over my head.... & pay grade !   :-)


Old news brief, why no landmen in courthouse?

There's no "land rush". We are talking about one or two operators filling in small to tiny tracts in units built around large tracts where the minerals are owned/controlled by Black Stone. 

 lee,   I appreciate your insight.... I can still hope and pray....  As I said, It is about risk and rewards and many other variables.   Sorry I posted a link to something that was old...  however.. I just found it.. just trying to help and learn...


The short answer is... nothing. It will make no difference to the individual owner except that it makes it more likely that there will be wells drilled (damn the price of gas... full speed ahead) and if you have minerals in close proximity to one of the Black Stone tracts then you will probably end up in a producing unit.

Thanks Julie.  Good information.  

Thanks Julie!  Nice info...     Really Appreciate it!     

Your such a positive and helpful person!!    :-)

Julie is correct about their filling in the voids... as I started comparing the request to purchase surveys to the actual land holdings and the majority are our 'in-between' areas... meaning we have active leases or wells on our lands to the East, North and West of the areas that they wish to purchase.
Well, in an interesting turn of events, due to the amount offered, it enticed some of my Relatives to want to sell their interest if I would match the amount offered... and I did with a portion of my Retirement Fund, I now own an additional percentage of our family interest and upheld Great-Great Granddad's request that our lands stay within the Family, this move gave me a total of 5/16 of any mineral or land sales... now those I bought the interest from are upset because my purchasing their interest also gave me the rights to all existing operational Wells and pending Division Orders, so they are now suing to get their interest back. Going to be interesting to say the least, once this hits the Courts, since all transactions were completed with a Public Notary witnessing all of the transactions and payments. Has anyone else ever had issues like this? And if so, what was the outcome?

Glad you saw to acquire the interests.  Sorry your family sucks.


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