Looking through a Blackstone Minerals presentation I noticed their interest in the Shelby Trough.  If I looked correctly San Augustine in the the Core BSM Shelby Trough acreage.  Can someone explain the Shelby Trough?  

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I agree with Mr. Sunday.  Doing things legal and legitimate should be the way you do things.  Your family should be happy that the interest have stayed in the family.  If they chose to sell then that was their perogative.  It reminds me of like when my grandparents died.  There was a clear, hand written will by my grandmother.  But.......  People are stupid and act before they think.  the arguments that took place were frankly embarrassing and childish.  I was the youngest of seven and I was like 20 at the time.  So , not just your family sucks, but many do!!!   Congrats and good luck!!  I think it was fortunate that you were able to do that!!  I wish I had the money to buy my siblings out!!  LOL  People are so weird and stupid at the same time.

Funny Chloe !!

Thanks... yeah I lucked out because I was old enough to move funds without any penalties, otherwise not sure what the outcome would be. Ran into the same thing when we sold my parents property out here in Oregon after they passed. We divided everything three ways AFTER I paid the burial cost, outstanding bills, filing cost and Realtor fees out of the Gross amount, both my brother and sister felt that all of that should have come out of my share since I was the Executor of their Will.  Yup, some People are just weird and stupid at the same time.  Thanks Guys!

More layers of shale gas ... I think 13 in San Augustine...

I have several hundred acres under lease to XTO (William Humphreys and JH Fox Survey).  The Humphreys survey has a single well (Borders Q) that has been active but producing very little.   

Over the past several months several groups have reached out to purchase the parcels for a decent amount of $$.   This tells me someone knows something that I don't.   After doing some research I came across the Blackstone agreement with XTO to increase production in the area.   


Does anyone know of specific of general information on the impact this Blackstone deal will have on William Humphreys (San Augustine) and JH Fox Survey (Shelby)?     


Hopefully new production will come online.


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