XTO/Rudy Mitchell 1-H / 15.8 miles NW of San Augustine / A.S. Baker Survey (A-58) / IP at 5.6 mmcfd

New XTO permit today for SA County:

Rudy Mitchell 1-H

2 target formations:
a. North Carthage (Bossier Shale)
b. Wildcat


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This well was first permitted back in the summer. I have a note from July that they were drilling the lateral (came from the 2Q transcript, I think). So, hopefully, they will finally give us an update or an IP (before the end of the year would be good).
It is around 7 million a day.
where did you get the 7 MMCF/day?
i read the meter by the road...
I have an interest in the well.
From E.Texas Drilling report / 12-27-09:

San Augustine County

The Carthage, North Field has seen the Rudy Mitchell Well No.1H completed by XTO Energy Inc. 15.8 miles northwest of San Augustine. This well was gauged on a 48/64-inch choke and potentialed 5.602 million cubic feet of gas. Production is in the Bossier Shale formation.


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