I am new to the forum but figured Id share a tool that I have recently discovered. I own minerals in East Texas and stumbled on this when trying to figure our pricing to lease my minerals. It doesnt have coverage everywhere but is still helpful. This tool allows you to opt in to getting more offers to lease or sell which I did for my interest in Liberty County, TX. It was helpful for me! www.mineralinsight.com

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Bonus offers and prices paid for mineral sales do not appear in the public record in LA or TX so mineral insight.com is collecting unverifiable data from unverifiable sources?

From what I can tell its mostly state information mapped.

The only bonus information that is public in LA is in state mineral auction bids.  There are not a lot of them per specific area.  There is no public record source for the prices paid to buy minerals.  The sales price does not appear in the mineral deeds recorded in the public record.  That's why this is suspicious.  It sounds to me like a back door approach to identify those interested in selling their minerals.  There is nothing unethical about that, depending on how they go about it, but a red flag is immediately raised with their claims of data for bonuses and sales.  If they were really interested in helping un-leased mineral owners, they would be publishing the royalty fractions being offered.  Of course that will still be suspect since lessees no longer or extremely rarely record the full lease.   They record a memorandum of lease that shows only the legal description and term of the lease period.  Buyer beware.

You make some great points I just posted because it was helpful for me. They do show royalties as well as the bonus per acre. If you find out any of the above questions Id love to know!

I'm not suspicious of you, MJ.  Just mineral insight.com.

That tool is more worthless that a subscription to the Lierle U.S. Lease Price Report, which is fairly worthless information.  No way to get that type of info publicly.  If you know people in the area that are recent Lessor's or brokers or in house landmen.  That's about the only way assuming the people that you know are not embellishing up or down for their own reasons.


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