Landman contacted me with a lease representing SW Energy. My land is in the T.R. Goodwin and James Rowe surveys around Patroon. He offered 700/ac and 1/5 royalty.Anone else have any contact for SWE and a comparable offer?

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I've been waiting for someone to mention the James Rowe survey, as this is where my family mineral rights are located. About 2 years ago we were contacted by someone representing the Southwestern Energy Company who offered us 1250.00 an acre and the standard mineral lease contract for 3 years. We went back and forth over the contract and how it was worded. In essence they had more rights to hold our lease in limbo or drill around us. We wanted more assurances that they would include us in any drilling within a certain mileage of the well or pipeline. We could not get anything secured so we did not lease. I am glad we did not because it would have been a shame to sign away any possibility to make money down the road. I think $700.00 is a bit low. You need to read your contract and consult someone who can translate what Southwestern Energy is and is not offering.

LouElla Galvis
Nashville, Tn.
My minerals are in the T.R. survey and I’ve been waiting a couple years also. I will tell you this though, If the landman would have offered me more money per acre I would have signed without contacting an attorney, and I’d be screwed like the rest of my family. So I’d like to take the time to thank that landman for being stingy, because during those two years I put my efforts into finding out more. And as for the threats of ‘we’ll leave you out, you won’t see any money, and my personal favorite, we’ll just take what is under you’ go right on ahead. I don’t have anything now and probably won’t later, but I’ll tell you what I will have, a clean conscience that I didn’t let the O/G company walk all over me (or should I say my property) and do whatever they like, without any compensation.
Your comments are interesting and directly parallel comments made to me by C. Jones, a landman that appproached me on July 27, 2010. In our conversation I asked him to come by an see me as I liked to see who I was dealing with and he stated "...can,t waste my time...". Needless to say I was offended by his comments. He went on the say after he had made his initial offer of $1000.00 per ac and 25% royalty and a subsequent counter offer ($1500.00 per ac and a variance on the royalty lower than the 25% ) that they would if need be "not lease me and my partners, draw us out of any unit and produce the gas from under our property without benefit of a lease, which they had the right to do" according to Mr. Jones.

I do not know who Mr. Jones represented, but it appears to me that his client would be appaled by such comment made to a prospective leasor. If Mr. Jones received a grade for "Landman skill", it certainly would be a failing.

A review of the RR Comm. map for proposed Horizontal well (API 41931590)indicates a bottom hole approximately 400-to 500 feet from our property line. We are not leased and have not been approached by the company proposing the well unless the above contact was indirectly from them, which I do not believe as I know South Western to be a reputable company in the past.

I do know that the drill site is currently being constructed east of Hwy 87 in the J. Buckley survey A-504. The Buckley survey is where our minerals are located just west of Hwy 87and the Drill site.
I don't think SWN is a reputable company....They cut me out of a lease in Angelina County and SWN is currently going being sued by a geologist whose "plans" were stolen by SWN in Shelby County. I would watch anc check EVERY thing they offered you...
Some of my other family members doesn't have any complaints with them, I guess it just depends on who you talk to and what you find out.
Wait, I have one more... I feel like santa claus (clause), because I get to give people free money! No, It's not the same landman, but I think they took the same courses.
I asked him to come by an see me as I liked to see who I was dealing with and he stated "...can,t waste my time...".

That's because it's hard to look a man in the eyes while you are trying to stab them in the back.
Endwise do you live on or close to the property? I try to meet with all of my lessors, no matter if they have 1 acre or 1000. The company ain't gonna let me fly to California to sign a one acre tract unless that is the only place they can drill the well.
I'm sorry Two Dogs, Pirate, you might want to be asking Gary Rogers that question because I was quoting him. I've never asked a landman to come to my property to meet with me.
I live within 50 miles of the minerals in question. I think that is close enough for a face to face visit. I assume that you are a landman, and if you are and you are working for reputable broker or client company, then you are receiving mileage at rate allowable by the IRS. That should be in the neighborhood of .50-.55 cents per mile, a day rate of between $250.00 to 450.00 per day, plus out of pocket expenses. Some brokers even have allowances for personal equipment used such as cell phones and computers.
Taking all of this into consideration, I don't think I asked to much by requesting to sit down with the landman. To use a phrase previously used in this blob, "this is not my first rodeo". Have a nice day.
Two Dogs, Pirate, are you a sounds like you are. I have some property that I would like to talk to you about.
I was mistaken as to the location of our land and minerals. I mistook Hwy 353 for HWY1279. Our property and minerals lie south of Hwy 1279 West of Hwy 87 and North of FM 353. So maybe I am not in the sweet spot.


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