HDoes anyone have any info on the rig drilling for XTO just northeast of Huxley?

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That would be Cactus Drilling Rig #147 drilling the XTO Tiber #B1 (Carthage).  Spud 4/26.

Thanks. I couldn’t find anything on it but knew the rig was there. Just had an offer to lease some minerals nearby that XTO had let lapse a couple years back. Maybe Exxon will give this area another try

You're welcome.  Good luck.

If it is NE of Huxley - could it be one of the Congo - 3 well permits? Thanks - - 

Nope.  I am getting this information from the RigData weekly rig report.  The drilling subcontractor makes the report as opposed to the operator.  And there was only one rig drilling in all of Shelby County last Friday.  Go look on the well sign.  It should say XTO Tiber #B1 and Cactus Drilling.


There will be two well signs. Tiber is a set of stacked laterals, #H 1 & #B 1.


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