Started this discussion for people in this area to give updates. We have not heard anything but see a lot of activity a mile in both directions from us. Does anyone have any updates or has anyone heard anything.

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Chesapeake permitted their well in July 240069 permit on Sonris thats Burgandy Oaks and I believe Deepwoods

Good luck.
Thank you for the update. I always have a difficult time understanding the info on the Sonris website. We have not received any info to give us update so I did not know if there was any activity. Thank you again for the information. If you hear anything else please let us know.

Thanks again.
Gatorguy, here are wells in your area:

Drilled & Completed
Camterra, Audubon Properties 27 #1 Well, Serial #237949, S27-T16N-R14W, Caddo Parish, 286 Mcfd, 18/64" Choke, 450 psi Flowing Pressure
Chesapeake, Carmichael 29 #H1 Well, Serial #237611, S29-T16N-R14W, Caddo Parish, 9795 Mcfd, 11/64" Choke, 6430 psi Flowing Pressure
Chesapeake, Bledsoe 30 #H1 Well, Serial #237812, S30-T16N-R14W, Caddo Parish, 7605 Mcfd, 20/64" Choke, psi Flowing Pressure

Chesapeake, Mayo 24 #H1 Well, Serial #240068, S24-T16N-R14W
Chesapeake, Dixie Farm 18 #H1 Well, Serial #239759, S19(18)-T16N-R14W
Chesapeake, Sanford 16 #H1 Well, Serial #240069, S16-T16N-R14W

Chesapeake, Bledsoe 19 #H1 Well, Serial #239610, S19-T16N-R14W
As always, Les, much appreciated. :0)
Les are there any permitted wells around t17n r14 sec 35
JA, these are the closest permitted wells:

Petrohawk, Grayson 24 #H1 Well, Serial #239789, S25(24)-T17N-R13W
Petrohawk, Grayson 25 #H1 Well, Serial #239822, S24(25)-T17N-R13W
Petrohawk, Dutton Family 27 #H1 Well, Serial #239799, S34(27)-T17N-R13W

The Grayson 25 #H1 Well is currently drilling.
Camterra is going to move there well location about 500' east of the pad they had for burgundy oaks and land east of subdivision. the wells will be drilled on south side of section. Chesapeake has the pad site for deepwoods ready. not sure if they have started anything. drive around to dead end of Kingston Rd to see 2 pads, to the Right is Camterra's old pad and to the Left is Chesapeake's.
We received a letter from Camtera for a public hearing 1st week of October, it appears they are going to begin drilling in our section. Have you heard anything different?
Gatorguy, are you referring to Camterra's two new Caspiana units in T16N-R14W? If yes, it may take some time before they actually permit and drill wells. Be on the lookout for new well permits by Camterra as an additional sign of potential drilling activity.
Does anyone know any new information about Section 22-16N-14W? We have noticed a lot of activity with trucks and a rig is back there just don't know what section it is in. I live off of Riding Club Lane on Colt Trail. We signed with Camterra over a year ago, but haven't heard anything from anyone. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Just checking in to see if anyone has seen any activity or has any updated info. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Morgan & Gatorguy - Have you seen this discussion on the main page?

I'm not sure if the Exco/Camterra deal impacts your situation(s), but you might check with Skip of ShaleGeo to see what they know.

Best & good luck, my family has interests & have leased just a little north of you.



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