is anyone aware of any drilling going on in sec. 31 in Greenwood

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There are a number of Section 31's in the area of Greenwood.  One in each township.   To get any accurate responses you will need to provide the section-township-range.
Skip, this may be a dumb question, but is the township Greenwood, whixh is where I live? As for as range I have no idea what that is. Sorry for being so uninformed about this.
Land is organized by sections which are one mile square.  A township is made up of 36 sections in a six by six square.  Townships are the standard means of identifying tracts of lands where the survey system is not used.  Gary, I'm headed out the door to the mountains of AR.  There are many members who can help you wit this.  I suggest you post a physical description by landmarks such as roads, crossroads, towns, churches, etc.  and someone familiar with the area can figure out which Section 31 you are referring to.


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