Has anyone received any royalty checks from the well located in: section 08, 16 North, 14west off of Ardis Taylor located across from the Rose Hill gated community?

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The well site is in section 8 but the well produces royalties for section17 16n 14w. Terminal end of the well is in 17.
great thanks for your response.  So my next question is: has anyone been receiving royalty checks for this well?
Yes for about a year. You can review the well's activity in SONRIS. The well's number is 240267.

I am in section 8 that shares the pad with sect. 17, well 240573.  most around me are unleased.  we are waiting for Chesapeake to come with a Division order since it was paid off earlier this year.  some in my area received info about being able to login to chesapeake for payment info but others were not contacted.  doesn't make much since to me.

I found out today that there are people in section 8 that have received a check.  If you haven't already, you need to contact Chesapeake to get added to the division order so you can be included to get paid.


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