Yesterday (10/29/2014), DNR posted a new well permit issued to Goodrich in the Little Silver Creek Field.   Here is a link:

Good Luck GDP and all mineral/ land owners!


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Thanks for the update

Hearing talk about this Unit getting a rig soon......Word is it has been permitted for 2 NW into  this unit and one to the SW into another unit.......

Nabors Drilling Rig X17 reports Moving On, 12/12.  Projected spud date - 12/13.

Nabors Drilling Rig X17 reports Spud 12/17, 3 days Drilling Ahead @ 1754', 12/19.

Nabors Drilling Rig X17 reported 10 days Drilling Ahead @ 3630', 12/26.

Nabors Drilling Rig X17 reported 17 days Drilling Ahead @ 11325', 1/2.

Does anyone have any new info on this well?   Is it completed?    Are they waiting until oil prices improve?

John, I show it as WOC (Waiting On Completion) but it is possible that it has been completed.  Goodrich has a corporate presentation scheduled for Monday that might shed some light on which TMS wells are completed or scheduled for completion.  Oil prices could certainly be a factor however delaying completion can be a tactic to get lower costs to frac the well.  The price of a barrel of crude is relatively stable and will likely remain so.  The cost of all field service are in free fall.

Thanks for the info.   Are there 2 wells in that unit?

No.  There are two wells on that pad but drilling in different directions.  B-NEZ 43H #1 is drilling unit TMS RA SUD.  B-NEZ 43H #2 is drilling unit TMS RA SUN.  This is the most efficient manner in which to HBP the leases pooled in the two units.  Those two wells together will hold 2,267 acres.

Goodrich Petroleum Corporation Announces Operational And Planning Update

HOUSTON, June 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Goodrich Petroleum Corporation (GDP) today announced that it has commenced completion operations on two of its six drilled but uncompleted wells in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale ("TMS").  The B-Nez 43H-1 (70%WI) and B-Nez 43H-2 (74% WI) wells in Tangipahoa Parish are near completion of fracture stimulation, with flow back and initial production expected within 1 - 2 weeks.  The Company currently anticipates completing the remaining four drilled but uncompleted TMS wells from mid-July through early September.  All six wells, which are located within the Company's core acreage position of 150,000 net acres, will be completed prior to the fall borrowing base redetermination scheduled for October 2015.

The Company's full year capital expenditure budget of $90 - 110 million was front-end loaded, with approximately 46% of the budget at the mid-point of guidance spent in the first quarter, as the Company entered the year with three rigs under contract.  The Company currently has zero rigs running with plans to bring a rig back to the TMS in October, with no change to previously issued guidance.  The Company re-affirms second quarter capital expenditure guidance of $10 – 15 million and exited the first quarter with in excess of $100 million of liquidity.  The Company maintains the ability to enhance liquidity by pursuing a potential joint venture or sale of its Eagle Ford Shale asset.

Any updates on these wells?    One of them has had a flare for a while.  I believe that is #2.   I heard that #1 may have some problems and they were hauling some pipe from it.   Does anyone know anything about production or when something might be reported?


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