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can you tell me how to get the current version of this report on sonris?

This is a link to the well file.  When you click it you get the current version of the file.  Keep in mind that production reporting is always about two months behind..  May production should be added soon.

oh, I see. thanks! I thought they were faster at reporting in Louisiana than Mississippi! lol

Louisiana likely has a lot more to report.  Regardless the production for a given month is not calculated and reported by the operator until the following month.  Then the production reports must be recorded and entered in the database by the DNR staff which also takes time.  SONRIS is the gold standard among state O&G databases.

gotcha! thanks for the info

69,403 bbls Oil so far ??   Is this pretty good ?? Any idea of how much this well cost to drill ???

The well cost should be available in the database in a few weeks.

The Flare was out today at this site .....Any word on whats going on there ??  Saw a few trucks there.

When you see a flare that is an indication that the well is flowing.  When there is no pipeline for the gas produced, it is flared.  The natural gas produced by TMS wells is so low in volume that a pipeline doesn't dollar out.  Especially at these crude prices.  If the play is sustained, eventually there will be a natural gas gathering system for future wells.

Last week it was flaring....I figured they were working out some issue with it....Don t know....I think there is a NG  gathering system here.....

There is no reason to flare if a pipeline connection is available.

I see the December production went up instead of down for this well....1500 bbl upswing from Nov to Dec seems real good....Is this normal or unusual ?? 


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