Any new activity in Titus County?

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Judy, not that I know of but that is far away from the Haynesville Shale activity we follow.  You'd have to search the Tx Railroad Commission database and the public records of the Titus County to know if anything was going on that was flying below the radar.

Thank you

I will check this out later, but Titus Co is a backwater area for new O&G drilling. Definitely not in the Bossier / Haynesville trend. Most of the activity now is tied to workovers in the old oil production trend (tied to Mexia Talco Fault system).

Thank you

See attached PDF with info pulled from the ENVERUS site.

Both maps show all wells in Titus County.

Larger map shows small yellow diamonds - these are new well permits over the past year - note nothing in Titus County.

Rig activity also shown (drilling rig icons).

Zoom to Titus County shows all the production (green / oil and red / gas) focused in the northern part of the county along the aforementioned Mexia Talco Fault system.

Note all the dry holes (blue) south of producing area. The one red gas well is a 1969 Smackover gas completion that was never put to sales.


Very enlightening. Thank you so much.


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