Anyone ever receive an Amendment and Ratification paper from who they are leased with?  Just got one in the mail today, not sure of this and if it is common or not.  Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Would have to know what is says to determine if it is common or not?

It is saying that the original acreage is not correct and says there was a deduction of 4 acres basically to the original lease.  Where would I be able to see a layout plot of my property containing lot numbers etc?

Is your land in Louisiana?


Is your land in a drilling unit?

Not yet but thats why they need the amendment completed.

The operators survey the unit to find the exact acres. The survey plat will be the best for you to look at. If it would have been me I would have sent you the plat with the amendment and ratification. If they didn't send you the plat then ask them for a certified copy for your files before you sign their document. If you don't agree you can have your own survey done or if another survey has been done in the past that is not the same as theirs then you can contest their survey.

There hasn't been a survey since 1977, this is before my family had the property.  The acreage the Oil Company is saying is 4 acres less than what my tax document says for Tangi.  Maybe I am paying taxes on too much land.

Would anyone know how much it is roughly to get land surveyed?  

Danny it may be the property description. Say your description would be the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, most would think that they had 40 acres but sometimes that is not the case. All sections are not 640 acres due to the contour of the Earth the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), which is the grids that make up sections, townships and ranges across most of the United States, compensates the gains and losses in acreage generally in the northwesterly two rows of the grid. If you will tell me the section, township & range your property is located then I will check it out.

Might also be referring to 4 acres now found to be just outside of the well plat boundaries (WELL OWNERSHIP), which wouldn't change ownership qty or taxation at all.

No they are saying in total we own 4 acres less.  Called the Tax office today and they said that their records are correct, so it seems we will have to get a survey done in order to know for sure.  Good thing is that there is a clause in the oil and gas lease that will allow us to add and be paid for this land if we do indeed own it.

Paloma supposedly is going to start drilling and forming units now, this could be part of that since we are leased with them.  I guess and sign of life is something good.  For them to get this exactly right means something is happening, just what that is is the question.



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