It is my understanding that Encana plans to simultaneously frack these two wells.

Is anyone aware of whether this simultaneous fracking has been attempted anywhere else (Eagle Ford/Haynesville) in the past? 


Or, is this a first time thing?

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I have concluded why Encana went for a one and one half section deep unit for the Lawson 25 H1, (1N, 5E) wheras they made a 3 section deep unit for the Ash 31H2 (1N,2E).  The first person to come up with the right answer wins a prize.

I give.

Enlighten us.

The contest deadline has been extended to 29 May 2012.

monday p.m. 3 plugs left to drill out on anderson 17 then flow test  then it all moves to anderson 18 for same process


Did you ever answer the question? If so what was the answer? I couldn't find it.

I'm guessing it was because they set the pad in the middle of the Ash unit to drill north and south wells.

I think Encana refers to this as a "hub" drill. 

They build one access road, have one battery of tanks, possibly have a gas processing plant, etc...all in one convenient location for, it appears, up to 14 wells.
But, I'd love to hear his answer...AND...I'm curious what the prize would have been...personally I love bubble gum.

Haha. I like bubble gum myself. I am thinking you are right Mr. McGehee, but rasput needs to give us the answer and possibly a prize for you!

In the Haynesville they call it a Gas Factory.  Hope they call it an Oil Factory In Amite County.  LOL!  Good Luck.

Amelia Resources reporting there is a problem drilling out the final three plugs on 17.

Could be.

I was down there Wednesday afternoon.  They were still working on 17 and nothing was happening on 18.

As best I can tell they are one day closer to completing both wells, but, despite rumors to the contrary, there is still no production at either 17 or 18. 

Ok thanks. Keep us posted.

I am understanding it is Encana's intent to produce the gas from these two sites by liquifying it and hauling it out by truck.  Compared to the royalties from oil, this is probably not a signficant factor to royalty owners, but income is income.

Also, I understand that the gas produced from the TMS is a "wet" gas which should bring a higher price than dry natural gas.

Does anyone know how much more, if any, the TMS natural gas might bring than the price quotes we see on here?


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