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Thanks, Skip.  Interesting presentation.  Good to see at least one operator projecting additional decreases in costs and higher efficiencies.  Hope Australis has great success.

You're welcome, DCM.  The jury is still out.  I suspect that by the end of this year, if Australis drills all six wells they have scheduled, we will know much more about the economics of the TMS.  Good luck to 'em.

With 2 of the 4 wells drilled by Australis so far having mechanical issues, the Quinn and Saxby wells need to be drilled without issues or it won't be looking good to me!

They had drilling/completion trouble with  2 and 4 out of the first four. Anyone heard anything on Nos. 3 and 4 as far as production? No. 4 will be less than hoped for due to shorter lateral than hoped for.

I sure hope they have good luck completing 3 and 4 and drilling/completing 5 and 6!


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