Australis has an application on the March 16 MS O&G Board public hearing agenda for a TMS Unit in the Pearl River Field, Amite County.
Petition of Australis TMS Inc., requesting the Board to integrate all interests in a 1,984 acre oil unit, situated in Sections 19, 20, 21, 36 & 37, Township 2 North, Range 3 East, for the horizontal drilling of the May 36-1H Well at an off-unit surface locations 127' FWL and 2,155 FNL of Section 35, to a depth of 12,116' to test the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Formation at a regular location, with authority to drill multiple horizontal wellbores.

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Now the $64,000 question - Can Australis drill a TMS lateral to permitted depth / length and get the casing cemented effectively?

Based on their history, the answer is a resounding "NO"!

Maybe they have new staff and / or approach?

My gut is telling me that they don't - just chasing high oil prices

Time will tell!

Yep, we'll find out and you're probably pulling for them, I sure am. Lots of oil down there!

My money is on State Line, not Australis.


Attached is presentation by Australis regarding its TMS holdings, released last Thursday (10 Mar 2022).

Thanks, DCM.  Things are percolating in the TMS.  Looking forward to seeing some new well results.


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