Devon is setting 5 1/2" casing in the well.

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What does that mean?


They set casing, then frack, then complete and hopefully we'll have oil coming out before the end of July.


One source tells me they definitely have oil in the formation.  

Joe, when will Devon have to report whether they've found oil?


They can wait on a completion rig to complete the well. They may complete the well and announce the Initial Production (IP) at the time of the test. They can test the well and hold the information until they are issued a State Potential (SP). It could be a couple of weeks or even months. It just depends how long they want to maintain the well as a tight hole. Again my information says that they have oil in the formation.

Some of it depends on how much they want investors (Wall Street) to know about the discovery. I think that will be the determining factor. They could not care less about whether we know what they found.

What about the leaseholders and those in the production unit? Do they have to tell them any more than the public?
Nope........... The ball is in their court, they own the well and all information. They can keep the info secret as long as they want. Patience, patience............. It will come out sooner or later.
Devon has now set production csg below 15,000 feet and T/A the Lane well.  Devon moved their rig to a new TMS well location further east where they will spud a 18,000 foot horizontal well about July 5.

There is a well site prepared on the Clinton- Wilson rd about 2 miles north of Clinton. I guess this is the new Devon site?


Ed, I tried to answer you last evening but your post disappeared



I'm not sure. I don't know the area that well. I'm assuming that is it. The new site is North an a little East of the Lane site. If you go by the site they should have a sign out by the highway that tells Who, What, Where and When. If that is it, it will be a horizontal well. At this time they are analyzing the core from the Lane so that when they frack they will get the best results.  That frack should happen in the next month or two unless they decide to move back on the well with the rig and go horz. That was the original rumor that they would do a vertical hole to core the formation then move to the second site drill it then come back to the Lane and drill out horz. We'll have to wait and see.


Thanks Joe,

I went back to take a look and there is definitely a rig going into a site on the Clinton-Wilson rd approx 2 miles out from Clinton. was told it was Devon.


Here is information on the new well:  Devon, Beech Grove Land Company 68-H, No. 1.  This will be an 18, 590-foot horizontal well drilled into the TMS.  It is supposed to spud on 7/5/11.  There is existing TMS production in the area and it is known as the "Beech Grove Plantation Field".


I was not aware of the production from TMS in that area. I guess Devon wants to go back and see what results they will have doing a horizontal with previous TMS production from a vertical well. 


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