Devon is setting 5 1/2" casing in the well.

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In regards to the Austin Chalk, there is no fracking involved.  These wells are produced through the natural fractures contained in the formation.  No additional stimulation is needed for production purposes so the water issue would be a moot point for the Austin Chalk.

I didn't know that. Thanks for educating me. This is why I like this forum. It gives everyone a chance to learn, even if it also gives some of us an opportunity to display our ignorance:)



I read the following statement in a recent article about  the AC and it leads me to believe what you say was true but may be changing - Quote: "The Austin Chalk was initially drilled vertically, but new techniques used in horizontal drilling have opened up new venues to profit from. By using multiple fracture stages, oil volumes have increased substantially. The Austin Chalk lies directly above the Eagle Ford. "

I noticed that the La. Anadarko wells are horizontal wells with laterals over 1 mile. Would they be fracking these long laterals? I would like to know more. I just assumed they would be fracked.

Wilmer and Steve,

You both maybe right. An old friend that mentored and coached me through the Tuscaloosa some 40 years ago had very definite opinions about producing from AC.  He had been Field Superintendent for the Hunt Brothers up in the Yazoo MS area before he went out on his own. He told me it was a good idea to sand/gravel pack the fractures in the AC. While its not facing the formation as such it is a method to hold the formation open. One of the problems was that you could have good pressure one day and nothing the next because the formation collapsed after production began. His theory was that if you keep the formation open with a sand matrix then you will have much better production and a longer life to the well. No one seems to be doing this at the present time. It seems to be a lost procedure. Maybe Anadarko is looking at this and planning to use a version in the future.

Interesting. I wonder if any significant water volume would be used to pack the fractures ? It sounds like they would not necessarily use water pressure to create fractures but maybe to place the sand or other proppants in the existing fractures?
I'm assuming that they would use water/saltwater/diesel/oil to inject the sand. They would not want to use mud. The cheapest would be saltwater and the worst would be fresh water.
Anadarkos Lacour 43 is an Austin Chalk well yet they just applied for a permit to dispose of fracking fluids at the site. What is the reason for this?


Sounds to me like they are going to try something new. I saw the post that you did about the disposal well. That says to me that they are very serious about drilling the AC. They will need a salt water disposal well under their control in the area. That's why its very important to put in your lease that only SW from your site or lease can be injected into a well on your property without them paying you for the use of it.  

I hesitate to perpetuate rumors, but I will say this: I heard  from a reliable source that  Heckmann was scouting this area. Heckmann is a very very large water services co. out of California that offers turn key water solutions, including disposal of frack/salt water, to the O& G industry. They  dominate in some shale plays. Local landowners that want to sell their water may be left out if Heckmann moves in. When the likes of Heckmann show up this could signify a potential boom in drilling. Now would not be too early to register your water resources with Wright Water Resources in my opinion. Water can be big money where fracking is happening.

 A fair question ShaleGeo : Thanks for the opportunity to set the record straight : My posts regarding Wright Water Resources are not a solicitation they are merely  a recommendation. I understand your concern, but, I have no personal interest in Wright Water Resources. But, as a pond owner in the TMS, I realize that without someone like Benjamin of Wright doing something to help pond owners get noticed by the O&G scouts , small landowners like me with water to sell will be left out of the loop if Heckmann, etal show up.  No one at Wright has ever asked me to promote them anywhere at any time. If you know someone else that is trying to help  landowners sell their water, please let us know about them.  Wright is the only one I have to found to  recommend to this date. 

P.S. Benjamin Hall (who founded and runs Wright Water Resources) is also Keith Mauck's (who owns this website)  brother-in-law, which puts him on my(the landowners) side of the fence.


I became interested in what arguably appeared to be hype or promotion of Benjamin.  I decided it best to go head on,, and to talk with Benjamin.  In doing so my concerns and apprehension were alleviated.   I own a bit less than 200 acres in the TMS.  I have a pond and a spring fed stream along one of my boundaries.    If our communities are fortunate enough to have the TMS play work out, I don't need Benjamin or anyone else to tell me that water availability may become an issue.  Moreover, if demand increases dramatically (and many of us in the TMS are cautiously optimistic that it will), and a drought persists, the need for matching of resources may become pronounced.  Also, it would be nice to see local folks who may not directly benefit from oil or gas exploration on their property get some benefit.  In addition, there is already a good bit of regulatory overlay on what one can do with certain water resources, and surely there will be more.  The idea of becoming educated on what is out there, and what may be in the chute is attractive to me.  And the idea of having a group of similarly minded and situated landowners banded together makes sense to me. 

 I spent about an hour on the phone with Benjamin last week. I'm not very easily impressed, but I found Benjamin impressive.  The idea of some resource that can match landowners with water resources and proximate to sites where water is needed  to industry requiring a water source may become important, and Benjamin seems straightforward and candid. 

Again, I have zero interest in promoting anyone re water resources, and even so, I respectfully offer my thoughts for whatever (if anything) they may be worth.


They are currently landing the curve on the Beech Grove well (DIR DRLG @ 13760'; TSTD BOPS 8/7/11). Devon has completed it's second vertical frac stage and is preparing to test up tubing on the Lane 64.


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