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Kirk Barrel posted the new plats for N.TANGI,but you can't read it.Is there somewhere else I can pull up the map?

  I heard the other day that Devon is supposed to be close to depth and should be moving the rig soon. The obvious choice would be Silver Creek but I have heard there is a large landowner out there that is holding out for really big money to finish up a production unit.

tangi There is a large landowner in the silver creek field but not in the proposed site that is supposed to be drilled They are about 1.5 miles southeast of the site proposed and .5 miles from the old blades well Iknow this because some of my friends join him and they are upset He is already rich and want 1000.oo an acre and a guarantee that they will drill on his property Must be nice to be in that postion For those that are familiar with this area it was an old tongue oil farm around 2000 acres

The guy who was telling me this story said that he thought Devon drilled the Thomas well in Kentwood ahead of Silver Creek just because of this guy. That seems like a bit of a stretch to me but who knows. Maybe if Kentwood doesn't do so well he'll soften up. If Kentwood turns out to be a good well, it'll be interesting to see what they do next.

I heard from some local residents that the Kentwood well turned out to be "dry".  Can anyone confirm this?

Also, if they finished this well where are they drilling now?

 I had heard from a local about a week ago that they were nearing their targeted depth. The drilling rig was still there two days ago when I rode by. I haven't heard of any results yet. I'm not sure how one would tell if it's dry or not at this stage. Maybe one of the guys here that know a little geology can help you out on that.

i just passed the site about an hour ago and the rig is still standing Iwas also told they are preparing to start the fracking process Havent heard it was dry This is local also so dont know how accurate any of this is accept the rig is still standing

I would think they would have to do the frac. job first.

After the well is drilled and cased, the rig leaves as it is not used in the completion process. The frac operation can and often does start some days or weeks after the rig is gone.

This all makes sense.  I was worried that my local information may not be totally accurate.

Where does the rig go next?   Little Silver Creek field?

If it's dry, why would the rig still be there after drilling for weeks?  Especially since they have thousands of acres in northern Tangi Parish that are leased already and awaiting that rig.


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