Saw Kirks post about EOG expanding thier TMS position. Has anyone been hearing of any pads getting built or rig activity by EOG? Does anyone know if they have leased east of the MS river? 

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I have reason to believe that a company named CENLA is working for EOG.  You might want to check them out.

None of the big players were showing any TMS information or positions at NAPE. A few small groups were showing info. Rumors are still coming in pretty hard that EOG is building pads in Avoyelles Ph. Anyone heard any new EOG news? Rig movement? They appear to be pretty good at stealthy oil window acreage capture.
With Encana keeping 2 rigs, Devon adding another in March and Goodrich bringing 1 in May we should have some good production and well data by years end. Very exciting times!!
It is confirmed that Goodrich will commit to 2 wells this year for sure. With the potential to drill 6 if first 2 are promising.
I have been acquiring around about Stone Energy, the overall responses were they were more of a speculator then a potential operator in the TMS. Anyone have any personal knowledge of them? Time will tell I guess.


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