12239 DRLG
11/18/2013   9348 N/U & TSTD BOPS 11/11/13; ANNULAR 1, 13 5/8", 5M, RAM: 3, 13 5/8", 10 M; DRLG
11/13/2013   3607 RAN 13 5/8" CSG TO 3590' W/ 4105 SXS CMT; DRLG
11/05/2013   1312 DROVE 5" DP TO 1312' ; SPUD 11/3/13
09/24/2013   01 19500 S 84 D 04' 33" W - 30,669.38' FROM NGS MONU. "OAKLAND" IN SEC 51. PBHL: N 59 D 00' 36" W - 589.1'; TH N 21 D 22' 30" E-6,568.49' FROM SURF LOC IN SEC 44.



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A friend of mine, whose family owns land in St. Helena Parish just North of Greensburg, just received an offer of $250 / acre and 1/5 royalty.  

I will provide more details when I get them. (Location, agent, etc)

We had an offer but my advisor says they can go 1/4 royalty and they had some funny terminology about 3 years w/options, got to watch that and terminology. We are going slow, have to be sure what fine print means,

Brenda, my wife is a Crump. Family Old Home Place near Montgomery, AL any kind? We have interest in TMS.

Mineral lease offered St Helena Parish

* S42-T2S-R5E, St Helena Parish
* Schoeffler Energy,LLC, Lafayette, LA
* 1/5th Royalty
* $250 / acre bonus

Boilerplate Lease. Needs Addendum Page.

I think that Schoeffler may be acting as an Acquisition and Transfer Agent for a larger entity.
Doug, actually, my husband is from Haynesville, LA and they're heavily involved in the Haynesville Shale. He said their people went west and your wife's east. Said they're probably 8th or 9th cousins. Me has genealogy traced back to about 1640 should you be interested.

About TMS, my father deceased, was born and raised in St. Helena parish. This is their homestead about 80 acres. Should be exciting year for all if we are just patient and go slow. Too many people sign without knowing what is involved.
Doug. Apologies . . . Should read HE has genealogy traced back.

The Company also announced an update on its Weyerhaeuser 51-H-1 (66.7% WI) well in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.  As previously reported, the well has experienced mechanical issues and the Company did not get all of the permanent frac plugs drilled out.  The well is in the early stage of flow back and based on flowing pressure and fluid rates, the Company does not expect peak rate for the well to be as high as previously drilled wells.

Goodrich need seems to have any luck on recovering wells that have mechanical issues.



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