Not looking to buy or sell. Just have a Louisiana TMS mineral rights lease research problem that hopefully someone can help me solve.  Here is a specific example to show my problem:

I’m looking, for example, at an EnCana lease dated 5/20/2011 for several tracts of land located in West Feliciana Parish.  One of the tracts is for 200 acres and the legal description says that the land is situated in “Section 77 Township 1 South, Range 1 West”.  The problem is finding “Section 77”.  I’m familiar with the usual 36 sections per township and I am aware that sometimes there are exceptions but “Section 77”?  I have tried to find this section (and other high numbered sections) with Google Earth and EarthPoint with absolutely no luck. I also have some other programs but their interface with Louisiana is crappy.

Are these high numbered sections historical?  Is there some sort of translation program out there that will give me a “normal” section number?  Did Louisiana change to a different system and I missed the memo?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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skip, thanks. 

my experiences with land and such in la were mostly arising from my causing company operated wells to be hooked up all over sla and offshore(not that there were any arpents, offshore). in the time i worked for this outfit, they never drilled a well n of i-10 in la.  in la, at least, they were very offshore-centric.  

when you speak to spanish land grants, do you speak to the area between the neches(i believe) and the sabine? if so, there's still bad men emanating from there; all arising from the time france controlled la and spain controlled tejas. as i recall, neither govt wanted to get into it with the other so they each stayed on their sides of their rivers, leaving a nice swath of territory that, being ungoverned, became as wild as it could be.


p.s. i look forward, as someone who enjoys history, to hopefully having speaks w/mr. td, regards to my getting better learned on la and tx land matters.

p.p.s. as i'm sure you know, texas lands, especially so in the s.f. austin survey grant are similarly carved up.

Ask him about Antonio Gil Y'Barbo.

Skip, I sent you a friend request so I can share personal contact information if you are interested.

Michael, I'm at the lake fishing.  I've accepted but will be on the water all day.

You can get a copy of the West Feliciana Road Map from the LA DOT.  The downloaded map is free.  Sec. 77, T1S, R1W is located about 2 or 3 miles north of Rogillioville.

Thanks.  Both LA and MS DOTs proved to be good sources for TSR maps.  Now have maps of all counties and parishes I care about.  Thanks to all for your help.  Me very happy now.

Another good resource is the Office of State Lands, Div. of Administration.  You can find old surveys etc.

Yes, although most of Louisiana enjoys the standard 640 acre section, 36 section Township, many of the southern Parishes* (and some areas of northern Parishes) are more ... Complex? I will hazard a guess that the complexity derives from an historical background of Spanish and French possession -- varas and arpents -- compounded by extensive submerged tracts and meandering waterways. Add in some factor for local politics, and the result may be confusing.

1. Might I suggest the Courthouse? You should be able to obtain a section map of the Parish there.

2. Failing that, contact any of the O&G drillers in the area. They all have section maps. They may be able to give you one, or you may be able to buy one.

3. Or check with printing companies in Baton Rouge and/or Lafayette.

4. If you have received a lease offer, you can be sure that your landman can obtain you one.

* I know for a fact that St Helena and Pointe Coupee parishes also have "non-standard" section maps.

Sections in the Florida Parishes do not follow the 1-36 PLSS grid. The Public Land Survey System wasn't implemented in Louisiana until 1805. When the surveys were made, townships with pre-existing land grands/patents were sometimes organized by making each individual land grant a different section. In a way, this like the survey system in Texas, where land is also organized by the original land grant, except that in Louisiana the grants were assigned a section number rather than a name and abstract number.

Never seen a description based on dirt thrown in the air either, but I have seen a Texas land grant warrant where one of the call distances was "the distance traveled on horseback in the time it takes to smoke three cigarettes." 

Here is an online map that can be used to find any section-township-range in the USA.  This link will open showing the basic Google road map and an 'overlay' that shows county name, township and range.  The map is already centered on West Feliciana Parish. 

Find township 1S range 1 west and double click that spot to center the map there.

To see the sections, first zoom in some and then change the basemap (button in upper right corner of the map) to "t4 Topo High".  Look around until you find section 77 and then make sure the overlay still says "1S 1W".,-91.221113&a...

I am the developer of the Gmap4 enhanced Google map viewer that is displaying the map.  Gmap4 is free for non-commercial use and part of my way to "pay it forward".

To toggle that overlay on/off open the menu that lets you change the basemap, go down to the "Overlay" section and click "Township-range". 

To look for a section in a different county, start by searching on the county name.  Menu ==> Search.

This county township range data is hosted on a GIS server operated by the feds.  If you are GIS savvy you might be interested in reading more about Gmap4's ability to display GIS data:

The Gmap4 homepage has a FAQ, examples, quick start info (in the Help file) and more to quickly get you up to speed.

Gmap4 default map:  (no county township range data)

Gmap4 homepage:

Joseph, the Gmap4 guy

That's awesome.  One minor point:  We have "Parishes" not "Counties" down in Louisiana.

Joseph -

Unfortunately, your map doesn't even come close to capturing the nuances of the Louisiana STR system.  While your map shows townships and range, its getting the odd shaped sections into a map that are the real prize.  If you go to Louisiana's Department of Transportation you can download a STR map that will show you what I mean.


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