I'm hearing that West Feliciana is pretty hot right now. My cousin leased for $200/acre 1/5 royalty 3+2. He is located in the Wakefield area. Not sure who he leased to, but I was just wondering if there were any offers in the area.

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Encana, Devon and Goodrich were in that area (above St.Francisville) a while back. I heard, but can't confirm, that Goodrich assigned their leases to Encana and Merlin was leasing earlier for Devon in this same area. This is all rumor , but , I think leasing is in a lull or dead still for the moment. Friends in that area are waiting to see if a 2nd round kicks off. That's all I got.

A general production map (blue polygons are Lower Tuscaloosa fields and the contours are mapped on the Tuscaloosa A sand which is ~ to the base of the TMS) for those interested in the area.


I am currently compiling a leasing activity map for the area to triangulate the land position for the different players in the play. If you have any leasing knowledge for the area your input is appreciated. After I get the map compiled I would be willing to share it in this post.

I have heard of scattered leasing in 2011 of large tracts (+1000 acres) in T1S- R2W and R3W but don't know what landowners or Sections specifically.
I am northeast corner of Pointe Coupee section 27 3s 8e leased to Basin Properties( Anadarko?).


I am currently under a 3 year lease with Cortez with 98 acres at 225 per acre for 3yrs at 20 % royalty. I have been told they have leased just to the east of Clinton on La 10 north to at least my neighbors 100 acres north of me and adjacent to my property. I am 2 miles n of Clinton on La 67 on the right.


Thanks for the info Edward. I had them a little bit west of that. I will make the correction.

I have been offered a lease for my 70 acres by Trinity Petroleum, L.L.C.:

$225/ac. for 3yr. Lease

$250/ac. for 2yr. Option to extend

1/5th Royalty

I have not decided to take it.

My property is part of Fairlawn in Weyanoke.

I'd like to know of other lease options being offered in this area.

Any advice is certainly welcome.


I recommend  you get your lease form reviewed by someone knowledgeable in mineral leases - if the play is very successful, you will not regret having had it reviewed for fairness. You may regret accepting that low bonus if some currently being drilled  wells are successful. The  royalty % is more important $ wise if you end up in a producing well unit - 20% is not bad -22.5 or 25% is better, but may be hard to get at this early point - just my opinion.


I am grateful for your advice.

I plan to take it. I know an experienced attorney who will review my lease; I am going to hold out for better terms.

Thank you,


James, make sure that attorney is an experienced "oil & gas" attorney.  No matter how highly you may think of them their practice needs to be substantially O&G related.  If it's not, ask for a referral to an O&G attorney.


Excellent point.

I have received great help on this blog; I am very appreciative.

Thank you,



Encana and Devon for sure with Anadarko coming from the west chasing the Austin Chalk. Goodrich's core acreage (from their large acreage purchase) is to the North and East (mostly Wilkinson, Amite and Pike Counties MS.).

The second round idea does fit the mold, but I think there are a few other players in there as well. Hard to tell when the large companies use small shell companies to keep their activity covert.

Thanks for the reply.


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