I'm hearing that West Feliciana is pretty hot right now. My cousin leased for $200/acre 1/5 royalty 3+2. He is located in the Wakefield area. Not sure who he leased to, but I was just wondering if there were any offers in the area.

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Here is an Austin Chalk Trend map for the area of interest :


around slaughter land owners are getting 300 ac
Wow. Did not know it was that high yet. Is that Devon?
not sure who is leasing, they are getting only large leases for now, what i was told. HWY 955,964 and midway Road area.
That is good news. I have also heard of as high as $350 per acre in Wilkinson County. What royalties? I know of at least 2  1/5 royalty leases but I am still looking for anyone that has gotten 1/4.
I believe the 350 in Wilkinson is Encana. Have not heard of any 1/4 royalties yet.

Encana is not paying $350 an acre in Wilkinson. They paid a handful of people $225 right before they went back down to $200, and they then stopped all leasing in Wilkinson. If people are getting $300+ it is from lease flippers, and not from any of the major players that are actually going to drill. They may get $300 if they are sitting on a purposed unit site, but that would be the only way.


My understanding is the 350 was on a large contiguous block. SIngle landowner one signature.

I have heard Encana stopped all leasing everywhere in the TMS. Any idea if this is true or not and the reason they would stop?  They are moving forward with their drilling program by permitting additional wells (Anderson and Horseshoehill) recently.
I heard the same. Only a guess, but maybe they are testing their existing boundaries. They have a significant acreage postion through the Denbury JV. At 8-12 MM/well and a short trigger on the Encore/Denbury leases they are being prudent. I think it is odd they are drilling 2 wells right next to the old Encore wells.
I believe Encana has reached their quota of acreage in the play until they get further data to confirm that the TMS is going to rival some of their other resource plays.
Encana is certainly spread out over a large area in my view - St.Helena Parish , West Feliciana Parish, Amite County and Wilkinson County. I would like to see a map of Encana's lease holdings in the TMS, including what Goodrich leased for them. I would also like to see what acreage Devon and its agents hold.


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