I'm hearing that West Feliciana is pretty hot right now. My cousin leased for $200/acre 1/5 royalty 3+2. He is located in the Wakefield area. Not sure who he leased to, but I was just wondering if there were any offers in the area.

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Working on it now.
There was a large group of land owners that recently leased 16 - 18,000 acres South of Jackson down to the Parish line. The bonus amount was $300.00 per acre. My understanding is that it was a small independent that has sold production in TX and wanted to get a foot in the door in the TMS. That is rumor.

That makes more sense. As far as I know, none of the major players are not paying that much yet. At least not in West Feliciana and Wilkinson.


Sounds plausible. Thanks Joe.
I have heard that Encana, Anadarko and Devon are leasing in the Wakefield area. Terms were 200-250/ac & 1/5th. Has anyone heard of any drill site prep in West Feliciana?


Attached is a map that I generated to show the activity of the play at the present (This is only my interpretation). The AC/TMS plays are colliding in West Feliciana. I know Anadarko are taking AC leases in WF. I would not be suprised if one of Devons next wells will be in N 1/2 of WF and then another in the S 1/2 of ST. Helena. They tend to test along strike and dip (not a bad concept).

Personally I think Encana is playing the hand they were dealt. They are strengthing their postion to the SW, rumors are abound that they are looking to potentially unload acreage to the NE. This is possibly due to lower reservoir pressure and lower oil viscosity (potentially fringe acreage).


What to say about Indigos postion in Rapides and Vernon. They believe they are in a great position with higher calcium content in the reservoir (better fracability) and less clay then to the east. They are also much shallower (lower pressure) and have alot lower resistivity profile. I think they already had a vast majority of the acreage tied up through a very large timber company, and that is why they are testing this fringe acreage (they have no acreage cost basis).

What is fringe acreage = wells with EUR's (Est. Ultimate Recoveries) 250,000BO or less

Wells back to the east with higher reservoir pressures wil possibly have EUR's > 500,000 BO

This information is mixed with facts and interpretations, by no means am I pretending to know it all. This is just how I see the play now.


If you have any additional comments or insight please let me know. This is intented to be a tool that we can build off of.

Thanks for the map!!
I will get u a copy of that particular map next week. Out of town right now.
Good work. Very interesting!
I heard a plausible but unconfirmed rumor today that someone is scouting along Bayou Sara for a well site, but it was not known who was doing the scouting.
I would not doubt it. That property was leased about 2 months ago and one of the land owners was told that they had immediate plans to drill.
I hate to be a party pooper but your marker for the shelf in not correct by several miles It should enter EBR parish about half way between the left corner of the parish and where you show it. The people in TX that are drawing these maps don't know where the shelf is in this area. For your information it crosses the EF parish line at Lindsey on Hwy. 964. That is just North of the Tusc. Hardy Brian well.


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