I have been trying to keep up with the information in this forum as I have several acres in Livingston Parish. A lot of you guys have put in a lot of hours gathering this data and I have tried to read as much as possible.

From all the discussions and the great maps here it is starting to look to me as though those of us in Northeast Livingston Parish may be a little too far South of the serious play of the TMS.

Is that the general consensus or is it simply still early to say?

Thanks again for all the data and effort.



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Its too early to tell anything. It looks like Devon is trying to determine the size of the play with their move to the East. That's just a guess. They are sitting on all of the information in the area. So we don't really know anything here in the middle of the play. It all depends on what these wells look like when they test them.

Thanks for the reply Joe.

How far East have they drilled? I have seen a lot of talk on this forum about land being leased in Tangipahoa Parish but wasn't sure if they have staked a location there or not.

My land is about 3 miles North of Hwy 190 and about 12 miles West of the Tangipahoa Parish line. D & D Drilling out of Vidalia, La drilled a well about 600yds in front of my place about 4 years ago. I am not sure if it was oil or gas but I know they drilled about 4 more wells in and around the town of Livingston during that time that were gas wells.

I guess I will just keep an eye on it and hope for the best.

Thanks again.

Devon is currently drilling in the Amite area. I guess that would be a number of miles North of you. That well will tell a lot about what is in that area if Devon releases the info. They have not any information on the wells drilled in the Ethel Area. So we still don't know what they found or what the capability is.

Again, there is so much great information on this forum. Thanks to everyone.

I realize that there has to be a cutoff somewhere but I was curious about one thing. The Weyerhaueser 73 is only about 30 miles straight North of my property in Livingston Parish. Is the TMS at a much deeper depth where I am that in North St. Helena Parish? I haven't heard a word about land being leased in my area.



The southern half of Livingston Parish is fairly deep @ 16000'+ and is considered to be out of the high resistivity area of the TMS. However the northern half would not be considered too deep (at least by Devon) since the Devon Lane 64 was drilled at a similar depth (~15100'). One problem is that Weyerhaeuser owns a significant amount of acreage in the parish (~50-60% of the entire parish). I have a map with this position on it, however I cannot share it due to confidentiality reasons. But I assure you they are very large in the area. Additionally your area is a good bit south of current drilling and unitization activity. The play could make it your way in the future, but I believe alot more drilling will have to occur north of you first.

Attached map illustrates.

Just my opinion of course,


Thanks RP.

My property is right on the Blue Line running across the map you attached. And yes, we are surrounded by Weyerhaeuser. Sorry to seem so dense but why is Weyerhaeuser's presence such a bad thing?

They control the majority of the acreage and they do not drill oil and gas wells. They sell timber. Meaning it is very difficult for a Oil & Gas company to come in the area and establish a position. Weyerhaeuser has been marketing that acreage for about a year now. I do not believe they have gotton anyone to take it.

I have 26 acres smack dab in the middle of it. Already cleared with access to water no more than 300 yards away. We shall see I guess.

Thanks again for your input.

Good luck.


You may not be in a good position for TMS but you are in an excellent position for Austin Chalk. Just hang in there. There is a Seismic survey under way to the East of you that is looking at AC.

Someone will probably be in at sometime in the future an take a look at something.

Good Luck


Hey, thanks Joe.

I will check that play out.


I heard that Seismograph crews are moving back into the Livingston parish area, along Hwy 190. I wonder if this is TMS or AC exploration. I was messaged that they recently held a meeting in the town of Livingston to discuss the work.



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