i have some land in washington parish, 13 miles from kentwood. i understand that a well was drilled 12 miles from my propertyand it was successful. does anyone know who drilled and what the production numbers are? sorry i don't have more information, i am going up there sunday and am going to try to find the drill site.

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You should be able to locate that on a map. Something should be in the clerk of court office in Washington Parish. How much land do you have ?

I have eight acres and am looking at another eleven tomorrow

If you are considering a purchase of surface and expect to acquire the minerals also you'll need to perform some due diligence.  Don't assume that the minerals are included even if the seller says they are.  He/she may not own them.

i am very green at all of this, so please bear with me. when i purchased the 8 acres i asked the attorney handling the transaction about rights, i was told if it was not in the contract that the seller retains them they go to the buyer. what is my best avenue to confirm this and to ensure that the property i am looking at comes with the rights intact?

Unless you are dealing with an experienced O&G attorney, be cautious.  It is true that a deed of sale that does not specifically mention a reservation of minerals by the seller transfers the mineral rights along with the surface.  However without a mineral title search there is no way to know if the seller owns the mineral rights.  Don't take their word for it, get proof.  If your attorney does not know how to do that, get a different attorney.  Those in the business see instances where surface owners don't own their minerals or the minerals are burdened by an old lease that no one knew about on a regular basis. 

David, the only way to find out about your mineral interest is to run a full title examination from Patent forward.

david, the well you are interested in appears to be the Goodrich Blades 33H.  If so you can read about it in this discussion thread: 


There have been no results made public for the well although there is plenty of buzz at this time.  How successful it is will be known when Goodrich announces the initial production in the near future.


From Washington/ Tangi Parish line on La 38, go to S. Lewston Road (real close to water tower).  Go S on Lewiston Rd. past the Water Distrct offices about 1/10th of a mile.  As I am sure you already know, like all well sites, it is a closed site, and this one will be fenced.  Entering it would be both a problem, and a chance to interact with some of Sheriff Edwards' fine deputies.. The site is on the left (east) sde of the road.  You probably won't see much other than some storage tanks, a flare, maybe some equipment like man lifts, misc. materials and hopefully many tank trucks hauling away copious amounts of Loouisiana Light Sweet Crude oil and wet gas condensate.

Finally, you may want to take a look at the link Skip Peel provided.  Skip is VERY knowledgable, and he is one of the great resource on this site.


I have heard they are going to release results of the Blades on the 14th of this month. Good luck

Lets keep our fingers crossed.


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