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Comment by Robert Woodward on June 24, 2016 at 1:56
Comment by William C. Morrison on November 5, 2015 at 10:58

Good luck.  I doubt seriously that they will drill until the cost of oil rises to around $8 to $100 a barrel.  It is just to expensive to drill.  Wells like LaCour have long laterals which are expensive to drill.  And those laterals are expensive to frack.  LaCour of late seems to have improved or they have changed the choke.  Maybe the owner wanted more money or similar money when oil was pricey.  No matter it is a costly operation.  Our property is 7 miles as the crow flies from LaCour, has been leased repeatedly over the years and still not drilling.  We are sandwiched between the Morganza Field and Moore Sams Field.   At one time the Wilbert well on the back of Stonewall Plantation was in production but it "Sanded Over" and production stopped.  I really believe the well was poorly drilled and thus was not economical to rework.  There is a well on the back of Labarre Plantation, and it was reworked four times before it produced.  It can said to be in the Morganza Field.  The Labarre well is less than a mile from us.  But deep gas is too expensive to drill for at the moment, maybe in 10 years or so but not anytime soon.

And then Tuscaloosa Marine Shale is just North of us in West Feleciana Parish.  But depending on how you draw the line we are in and sometimes we are not in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shalel zone.  Tuscaloosa Marine Shale over lays Austin Chalk and then the Tuscaloosa Sands where all the deep gas is located.  So yes, the stuff is there, it is just economics to get it out.  And the economics are not right at the present time.

Comment by Ty Lee Parker on October 8, 2012 at 7:41

Give me a call. I signed a five year lease on this land on June 7, 2011 for oil extraction. I am guessing you signed one too? My father drilled in Oklahoma for years and has advised me on how to deal with the lease. I was told that they do intend to drill on the land and are not just locking up the mineral rights. I wasn't going to sign it without knowing if they intended to drill and extract oil. Our relatives have received royalties for gas for many, many years for wells close by the land. I worked for Amoco Productions and automated most of the well sites in the area in the early 80's for the gas sweetner plant in Morganza.

There has always been oil there. They just didnt have the technology to extract it then that was cost efficient. They lost a well trying back then. Took the well, the contruction trailer and a truck down in the hole!

Time for the real deal now!




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