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Texas Statewide Rule 37 Exceptions and the Mineral Interest Pooling Act


This discussion is intended to provide a general overview of Statewide Rule 37 Exceptions and the Mineral Interest Pooling Act in Texas, and is not a comment or opinion on any one particular set of facts.  If you have questions or have received a notice of a Rule 37 Exception application or MIPA application affecting your land, you are encouraged to contact an attorney to receive advice specific to your…


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Educate Yourself About Your Rights! The Draconian Application of Statute of Limitations in Texas

I wanted to let Texas royalty owners know the importance of educating yourself about what your rights are as mineral owners.  Your rights can be taken away if you are not proactive to protect them.  I've attached an article I co-authored almost two years ago discussing how the Texas Court system has eroded royalty owner rights over the past 12 years via a draconian application of applicable statutes of limitations. (Limitations are known as "prescription periods" in Louisiana, and the need…


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Primer on Texas Oil & Gas Law

I am an oil and gas lawyer in Houston with roots in East Texas.  I was born and raised in Jasper, Texas and have family ties still in the area.  I have been an oil and gas lawyer for ten years.  I started out representing operators, but have since devoted myself to representing landowners and doing my part to educate the masses on their legal rights.  I've started with educating my own family.  We own acreage in East Texas and South Texas, but I was surprised to learn that nobody had a clue…


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