Red River Chevrolet has received a couple of the new 2013 CNG Converted 2500HD Silverado Trucks.  These trucks are capable of going more than 650 miles when both tanks are full.

Chevrolet is offering CNG converted trucks only on the 2500HD Extended Cab models at this time.  You can get the truck in work truck trim level all the way up to the LTZ trim.   The great thing about this conversion from Chevrolet is that the standard warranty you would get from Chevrolet remains the same for this CNG truck.

If you are not real familiar with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) trucks, it is basically a conversion done to the vehicle to allow it to run on compressed natural gas and regular fuel.  This type of fuel is much cleaner than using regular gasoline.  It is also much cheaper.  When we filled up our tank as you will see if you watch the video below, the price of a GGE or Gas Gallon Equivalent was $1.45.  Here at Red River Chevrolet in Bossier City, LA we have sold two of these trucks.  We can order them as of now, so if you are interested in getting one of these trucks, please stop by your local Chevrolet Dealership today!

by Brad Troedel Red River Chevrolet

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Comment by Brad Troedel on March 6, 2013 at 9:05

@olddog573:  The main reason you want to keep gas in the tank at all times is because the truck will always start up using regular gasoline because it is more efficient for the vehicle to start that way.  After that, it will automatically switch over to the CNG.

Comment by olddog573 on March 6, 2013 at 8:55

so you have to keep 1/4 tank of gas in it at all times?  is this the same for all CNG vehicles?  don't know if i like that.

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