I have always felt we are responsible for ourselves because we really cannot depend on others to be responsible for us. When I was sixteen I quit school, packed my bags and left home. I ended up homeless for a while then was blessed with a son who made me want to be more. My son and I were on food stamps and lived in government subsidized housing and I received Pell Grants when I finally got my GED and started college. I was grateful for the help but never saw it as a hand out instead I thought of it as a hand up. I also worked two jobs, got out of the government subsidized housing within a year and stopped receiving food stamps as soon as we could eat without them. God has blessed me over the years more times than I can count but not because I sat around waiting for someone else to take care of me. My point in telling you this is to say that life is far from always being easy BUT it is up to us to do everything we can to care for ourselves and improve our situation.

In most cases people cannot do things to us if we do not let them. In many cases our problems are brought about by our own poor choices and yet our society has developed a victim, take care of me, I am helpless, get them before or because they get me mentality that drives me crazy.

We have no issue with spending $50.00 to eat out but we cringe at putting $20.00 in the offering plate at church or worse yet saving that money and paying down the debt we have run up buying things we cannot afford. Think about it our economy is driven by debt and its primary failure is debt. We seek instant gratification and buy more, better, bigger then we get angry when bill collectors call. We file bankruptcy then talk about how we want to wait until our bankruptcy closes to lease so “they” won’t get our money.

We can spend hours talking about how the government is screwing us (sorry but that is the vernacular we use isn’t it?) with taxes, and various laws. Yet many of us do not bother to vote, write our congressmen or seek ways to improve the system in small ways. Why should we that is what “they” are supposed to do.

We gripe about entitlements and those who use the system. Those who use the system often gripe about how the system does not do enough for them. Yet we do not look at ways to help make things better, improve the system, etc.

We gripe about our jobs, our bosses, our pay. We do not bother with realizing how blessed we are to even have a job. We do not seek a change in job or seek to improve our education or our skills in order to qualify for a better job; instead we focus on what we cannot do and how others prevent us from succeeding.

Then along comes the Haynesville Shale and mineral leasing became the topic of discussion and dismay. So we had another “they” to point to and say how they have wronged us. But, how many read the leases before they signed them? I have been in meetings where I asked a room full of people how many read and understood they lease they signed and no one raised their hand! Where is our personal accountability? If we do not seek to educate ourselves and be responsible for the consequences of what we sign where is our personal accountability? If we look only at the dollar signs and not at the terms of the lease and how that will impact us long term are we setting ourselves up to be “victims” again? If we do not seek changes to the mineral code that level the playing field do we have a right to gripe about how the code is written?

Right here on our beloved GoHaynesvilleShale.com we have seen a slipping of personal accountability at times. People taking more time to try and tear others down than lift them up. People bickering and finding fault instead of seeking the knowledge and discarding the rest. Blaming others for infighting and not looking at what we may have done to contribute to the fray and correct our own behavior instead of lamenting others. If we were being personally accountable for our actions would we be so quick to make unnecessary snide remarks that suit no purpose other than to tear others down? One time I was angered by a posting by someone which I felt was a personal attack on me. Instead of being accountable for myself and moving forward I responded with an angry retort. A poster named Mom made one comment on my personal page. She simply said “must we display anger in public?” I blushed when I read it and quickly deleted my public post and emailed her thanking her for reminding me of the importance of manners. I am grateful to the shaler named “Mom” for gently yet firmly prodding me back into personal accountability for my actions and words.

Even the most independent, pick yourself up by the bootstraps type of person is guilty of at least some of the above mentioned infractions. I said we because I am guilty of many of them also, credit cards, not always voting when I was younger, staying stuck in a job I had lost my passion for because I feared making a change and loosing security, staying in a bad marriage too long out of guilt, giving angry responses instead of controlling my anger. It seems to be an unpopular view, but how much better would our lives and our world be if we more consistently took responsibility for ourselves and our lives and our society? So my Haynesville friends I challenge all of us to seek to change that which we can, educate those whom we can and gently but firmly help those around us to take a little more personal responsibility and see what a difference it can make to embrace an unpopular view.

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Comment by Gordan Tapp on October 12, 2008 at 15:27
ahumm. Did you get it all out. Feel better? nice soap box rant.
Comment by Charmine on September 29, 2008 at 4:01
Keep fighting the good fight Kassi...you are a good girl!
Comment by gassius clay on September 28, 2008 at 14:38
Nobody old enough to read this will be here in a hundred years to enjoy the profits trom this thing. Spend your time on the things that will last thru eternity, people (souls) and your character.
Comment by Kassi on September 27, 2008 at 2:23
Hey Mangum, My boys pediatrician has been after me for years to write a book. I keep telling him sure if he will come take care of the boys so I will have time to do it. :-)
Comment by Antsu-in-Japan on September 26, 2008 at 5:31
Kassi: you are truly a wonderful soul. I have read many of your posts...truly unselfish. So many of us in here are learning much from you. Thank you! (And as someone mentioned, maybe you should run for office.)

CR: I'm so sorry to hear of the neighborhood problems you are having. You know, it may not be that the shale fractured your neighborhood...maybe it just brought to light some feelings that were already lingering below the surface. Of course, you don't owe your neighbors anything...and it's too bad that they just can't be happy for you. Anyway, accept your new fate as a blessing, destiny... or however you may see it. Enjoy it and do something extraordinary with it to help others not as fortunate as you. Maybe your group with the newer lease offers can come together to start a college fund for your neighborhood kids...or create a place where everyone in your area/section, including those with the old leases, can come together and 'start over,' in terms of friendships and relationships. Don't give up on them just yet. They are understandably hurt and just might say a few things they will later regret. It's up to you and the new leasers to be the 'cream' LP mentioned. Is your neighborhood worth saving? Then YOU already know what to do.

Stay blessed...
Comment by sesport on September 25, 2008 at 15:26
Live the life you love ... Love the life you live.
Comment by Regina on September 23, 2008 at 4:23
Hi, How do I find your "Kassis Surface Rights" I read it last night, but this morning....on a different computer, I can't find it....thanks
Comment by Keith Mauck (Site Publisher) on September 23, 2008 at 3:26
Parker's a woman?
Comment by Sheila C on September 22, 2008 at 7:54

I just love the way you think! Have you ever thought of running for office?
Comment by Cathaus on September 22, 2008 at 2:29
Parker and Kassi, you two are very wise for such young women. Thanks for both of your postings. I will be more cognizant of my postings in the future. If you ever see me "crossing the line" please put me in my place! Personal attacks have no place on this forum. We are all seeking accurate information from those that have gone before us that will help us when our time comes. Hopefully, as we gain knowledge, we will be willing to impart it to the ones that come behind us.
I love the analogy of the salad bar. Just as you will find both healthy and unhealthy items on the bar, you will find on this forum. We need to discern what is healthy for us and use that to our advantage.

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